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"As long as we stick together, we can handle anything!"
―Tomaas Azzameen[2]

Tomaas Azzameen was a Human male who was the brother of Antan Azzameen, the father of Galin, Emon, Aeron, and Ace Azzameen, and the head of the Azzameen family. Tomaas was also the head of Twin Suns Transport Services, the family's business.


The Human male Tomaas Azzameen was a businessman and the head of the Azzameen family during the Imperial era. Azzameen was the business partner of his friend, Dunari, before the two went their separate ways and Azzameen co-founded the shipping company Twin Suns Transport Services with his brother, Antan Azzameen. While serving as head of the company,[3] Azzameen lived aboard Azzameen Station[2] in a star system in the Garis sector of the Outer Rim Territories[4] with his children, Galin, Emon, Aeron and Ace, who joined him in the family business upon coming of age.[2] Despite the difficulties of running a business during a period of civil war and the schemes of corrupt Imperial officials,[2] Twins Suns became successful under Azzameen's leadership. However, the company's success led to a feud with K'Armyn Viraxo, the patriarch of the Viraxo family and head of Viraxo Industries, the dominant shipping company in that region of the galaxy.[3]

Azzameen was sympathetic to the Rebel Alliance in its fight against the Galactic Empire. Although he stopped short of joining the Alliance, Azzameen was determined to help them however he could and was concerned that the feud with the Viraxo would attract unwanted attention from the Empire. This brought him into conflict with Antan, who felt that the family could not afford to become involved with the Rebellion and argued that they needed to focus on the threat posed by the Viraxo. Despite his brother's reservations, however, Azzameen attempted to secure a truce with the Viraxo and entered into negotiations with the Alliance to act as a middleman in a deal to acquire a supply of bacta on the black market. Shortly before the Battle of Hoth[2] in 3 ABY,[5] Azzameen and Galin took Azzameen's personal transport, the Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2000 light freighter Otana, to the Alliance's Echo Base on the ice-world Hoth. The pair were still on the planet when it was attacked[2] by an Imperial fleet under the command of Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader.[6]

Tomaas and Galin onboard the Otana

As the Rebels prepared to evacuate the base,[6] the Azzameens made their own attempt to leave in the Otana, escorted by two T-65 X-wing starfighters from Green Squadron. The Otana's escape vector was blocked by two Imperial-class Star Destroyers, but the Rebels used Echo Base's ion cannon to temporarily disable one of the Star Destroyers, allowing the Otana to pass. The X-wing escorts cleared a path through a group of Imperial TIE fighters, but the Otana was struck by debris from one of the starfighters before jumping to hyperspace. With the Otana's primary coolant tank damaged, Azzameen decided to take the ship to Antan on the family's Twin Sun Station for repairs. Arriving in the Roccus system, Azzameen contacted his brother to request emergency repairs. Antan, however, was concerned that the Empire would trace the Otana back to the Azzameens, despite Tomaas's precautions, and refused to allow the ship to dock. As a result, the Otana was forced to head back to Azzameen Station for repairs.[2]

Soon after returning from Hoth, Azzameen gave his youngest son, Ace, his first assignment for Twin Suns, sending him and Aeron to deliver a cargo to Harlequin Station and pick up some fuel cells and coolant for the Otana. While at Harlequin Station, the two young Azzameens helped to fend off an attempted attack by Viraxo ships. Shortly after this, Azzameen learned that some records from the company's cargo storage areas had gone missing. Before he and Galin set out on the first of a series of short trips to[2] the asteroid belt[7] Smuggler's Run, Azzameen gave Aeron permission to work on a new security code system for the storage area records, which led her and Ace to discover that the Viraxo were attempting to plant contraband in one of the Twin Suns facilities to cause trouble for the Azzameens with the Empire. Antan hatched a plan to have Emon, Aeron and Ace plant the contraband at a Viraxo facility before an Imperial inspection. However, all did not go as planned; although Azzameen's children escaped unharmed, they were forced to scupper one of the family's YT-1300 light freighters, the Selu. Upon his return to Azzameen Station, Azzameen was angry to learn that Antan had placed his children at risk on a dangerous and illegal errand.[2]

During Azzameen's trips to Smuggler's Run, he arranged to rendezvous with a smuggler group to procure a supply of bacta for the Alliance. Galin accompanied Azzameen to the rendezvous point aboard the GR-75 medium transport Vasudra and Azzameen asked his other children to provide an escort, with Aeron in the Otana, Ace in the YT-1300 light freighter Sabra and Emon in the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Andrasta. The Azzameens traveled to Saruwen Station, from where the SCT Scout Craft Ravenno led them to the rendezvous with the Xiytiar-class transport End Run. After the Vasudra docked with the End Run to begin the bacta transfer, the smugglers claimed that they were having trouble with their pumps and dispatched technicians in enviro-suits to fix the problem. However, instead of fixing the End Run's pumps, the "technicians" attempted to disable the Vasudra's engines and the Azzameens were ambushed by several smuggler vessels. As Azzameen and Galin fought off borders on the Vasudra, Aeron, Ace and Emon destroyed the other smuggler vessels. When the End Run's crew realized the ambush had failed, they agreed to complete the bacta transfer in exchange for Azzameen's assurances that he would allow them to leave.[2]

Azzameen arranged to deliver the bacta to the Alliance and was instructed to meet with Lieutenant Olin Garn—a family friend and former Twin Suns employee—near Brint-wo Colony. Azzameen and Galin again traveled aboard the Vasudra, accompanied by Emon in the Andrasta and Ace in the Otana. Garn led the Azzameens to the Rebel XQ2 Platform Hospital, where many casualties from the Battle of Hoth were receiving treatment. The Vasudra docked with Hospital and began transferring the bacta, but the operation was interrupted by the arrival of Imperial forces led by Admiral Garreth Holtz aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Corrupter. Suspicious that the Azzameens were working with Holtz, the Rebels ordered Azzameen to surrender command of the Vasudra. Azzameen complied and instructed his sons to join the Rebel starfighter screen and cover the evacuation of Hospital. With help from Emon and Ace, most of the Rebel ships safely jumped to hyperspace, but the Vasudra was unable to escape and both Azzameen and Galin were killed.[2]


Tomaas' contact with the Rebellion would prove costly for the Azzameens as the Imperials became aware of their activities following the ambush on the Hospital, and ordered the seizure of all Azzameen family assets. Twin Suns Services suffered heavily as the majority of its facilities were seized, but the Azzameen children (and eventually Antan) fled from Imperial custody.

Tomaas' ideals lived on in his children Ace, Aeron, and Emon, who joined the Rebellion in their cause to defeat the Empire. Ace Azzameen in particular would rise to become one of the greatest pilots in the Rebel Alliance.

Some time later, Antan claimed to his family that Tomaas was alive in Kessel Station along with Galin. However, this was only a plot to trap the kids and surrender them to the Empire, in revenge for their Rebel activities. This plot failed however, as the Azzameens survived the ambush and presumably forced Antan on the run. Having survived this ruse, the Azzameens assumed their father and brother to be dead for sure.



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