"The Dragon Void Run ends here. It is a disruptive event that is inciting unrest."

Tomine was a male human who served as an officer of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War. He interceded in the Dragon Void Run participated in by Han Solo, and attempted to arrest the racers for inciting unrest against the Empire.


A human male, Tomine[1] was an Imperial officer in the Galactic Empire who served during the early years of the Galactic Civil War against the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He landed two Lambda-class shuttles on the first planet of the Dragon Void Run, intending to put a halt to the centuries-old contest. Tomine's stormtroopers arrested Han Solo and the rest of the competitors at the landing area, and Tomine himself interceded when several pilots physically resisted his troops.[2] Mindful of the cameras and race organizers, Tomine kept the prisoners restrained, and questioned Solo over his apparent popularity with the planet's locals. Seeing the natives as criminals and the pilots as riffraff, Tomine exchanged words with the legendary Loo Re Anno, and ordered his troopers to shoot the ancient alien's observing witnesses. Solo intervened, but before Tomine could make an example of him, the race organizers bid him to continue the race, finding the delay costly. The organizers reminded Tomine that four of the Empire's refueling stations were sponsors of the race, and might shut down their supply if the race was halted. Though the threat served only to bore him, Tomine nonetheless allowed the race to continue, but warned it might be the last Dragon Void Run.[1]


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