Tomo-Reth was an astronomical object located in the Tomo-Reth system, a part of the Trailing Sectors portion of the Inner Rim. It was the site of the Caliginous Automaton of Tomo-Reth, a famous, more than fifty meters–high droid that sat on a brick throne and breathed fire at visitors, causing them to become amazed.[1]

In 14,743 BBY, the Caliginous Automaton of Tomo-Reth was annihilated during the event known as the Herglic Crush. The historian Vicendi included the droid in the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy, a list of antique objects created by sentient beings that he compiled for his 10,000 BBY work Arturum Galactinum.[1]

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"The Caliginous Automaton of Tomo-Reth: God, I loved naming these things."
―Daniel Wallace[2]

Tomo-Reth was first mentioned in the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas, authored by Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry, which placed it in grid square L-14.[1] Wallace noted in his personal blog that he particularly enjoyed creating names for those of the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy that were original to the book, which included the Caliginous Automaton of Tomo-Reth.[2]


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