StarTours Spaceport

Tomorrowland Starport

"Star Tours welcomes you to our Tomorrowland Starport, the most modern and technologically advanced terminal in the universe."
―Star Tours announcer[src]

Tomorrowland Starport was a spaceport used by the Star Tours travel agency, located in the Earth system.[source?]


Star Tours Maintenance Area Starlog119

A maintenance area in the starport.

The Tomorrowland Starport was a massive complex which was divided into multiple areas: the Hangar, the Maintenance Bay, the Droidnostics Center, the Boarding Concourse, the Outer Rim Concourse[1], and the Baggage Claim for those who have arrived at the Starport. Ramps from the hangar led to boarding areas, but passed directly through often messy droid repair areas in the Droidnostics Center. Signage in the spaceport was typically written in High Galactic alphabet, with other alphabets and languages used occasionally.


The Hangar was large enough to fit and service two StarSpeeder 3000s, and contained lifts for ease of access during repair work on the starships. In large part to impress passengers, the Hangar also acted as the departure lobby. The Hangar also contained several monitors throughout, which displayed the flight information such as destinations to and arrivals from various vacation destination planets, and also gave the weather forecasts for each planet. The Spacecap Droid F-25-OJSx was responsible for placing checked bags onto the baggage conveyor, with the various luggage also containing several unique decals. A fan was also present in the Hangar with F-22-RGKx supposed to work on maintaining it.

Maintenance BayEdit

The Maintenance Bay was where C-3PO and R2-D2 worked on maintaining various StarSpeeders during their time with Star Tours in 4 ABY. The bay included a status board containing 105 liquid crystal panels, with each panel measuring 30x30 centimeters. It advertised various destinations, including Hoth, Endor, and Tatooine. It also had three language settings for announcements, including Ewokese. The control booth in the bay was used to direct various operations within the starport, and was manned by at least two Mon Calamari supervisors. Spark jars, the fuel for the StarSpeeder 3000, were located within the middle of the maintenance bay.

Droidnostics CenterEdit

The Droidnostics Center was where droids were dispatched to be repaired before being sent back to work, and was largely unmanned. The droid foreman was G2-4T. max-W 100 and G2-9T were workers at the area, although the latter tended to goof off, max-W 100 was dedicated to his work. At least one area of the center was Sector 2.

Boarding ConcourseEdit

The Boarding Concourse was one of the few places where human Star Tours crew members were seen. It acted as the final destination before boarding an StarSpeeder 3000 and contained six boarding gates. At least one boarding concourse had all six boarding gates dedicated to Endor as part of the Endor Express. Flight monitors also showcased via onboard cameras the current status of a StarSpeeder 3000 as well as the amount of time before departure.

Baggage ClaimEdit

The Baggage Claim was filled with baggage conveyors. The PanaRobo droids P-6 and S-4 inspected the incoming astrocultural freight under an R2 unit's supervision, and disinfected the baggage with a spray and a flyswatter. Nearby was the Tourscan, a display screen narrated by Dan Android that supplied advertisements for various vacation packages. The area included a Star*Link booth, which was frequently used by F-29-PSKx to call his girlfriend due to homesickness.


Months after the Battle of Endor, droid pilot RX-24's near disastrous flight intended for the forest moon started and ended at this spaceport. The station also contained some fuel trucks which ST-45, RX-24's assigned StarSpeeder 3000 number, nearly crashed into upon arriving back at the spaceport.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tomorrowland schematics

Schematics of the Tomorrowland Starport

The term "Tomorrowland Starport" was only used in the queues of Star Tours attractions in California's Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, since they are in those parks' Tomorrowland areas. It was not used at Disney's Hollywood Studios or Disneyland Paris.



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