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Jar Jar Binks displays his long tongue.

"I want their tongues!"
Pirate leader Hondo Ohnaka[src]

A tongue was a fleshy strip of muscle located in the mouths of many species and creatures across the galaxy.

The Gungan species had long muscular tongues which they used to scoop mollusks and small edible amphibians from the swamps of their home planet, Naboo.[1] Jar Jar Binks had a bad habit of using his tongue to grab fruit from tables.[2] Opee sea killers used their long tongues to capture scalefish in the oceans and seas of Naboo.[2] Spiced aric tongue was considered a delicacy.[3] Shimmerbirds' tongues were the source for robes that were worn by member of the Koorivar species. Members of the odd Temptor species had very long flexible tongues used to attract prey.[4]


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