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"Let me offer you a drink. Toniray, an excellent vintage. A wonderful year. Sadly, one of the last."
―Rinnrivin Di[src]

Toniray was a type of teal-colored, bubbly wine that used to be produced on the planet of Alderaan before its destruction by the Galactic Empire. The Alderaanian wine was served chilled in a slim flute.[1] It also had a less-intoxicating cousin which was nearly identical in color. At dinner parties where sensitive information was being discussed, Breha Organa would sometimes have real Toniray served only to specific guests, with the rest served the less-alcoholic duplicate. The two were similar enough in color that only a few could tell the difference.[3]

Following the destruction of the Death Star, Inferno Squad was given a bottle to toast their creation and the success of their first assignment, both given by Admiral Garrick Versio.[2] Twenty-four years after the founding of the New Republic, one of the last offworld bottles of Toniray had passed into the hands of Rinnrivin Di. Di served some of the wine to New Republic Senator Leia Organa, hoping to gain her favor, but Organa was not interested in working with the Kajain'sa'Nikto crime lord and had actually already planned his arrest.[1]

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A real-life version of toniray is available for purchase at Oga's Cantina in the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge themed land. It is a teal-colored Chardonnay produced by the Californian winery Goldschmidt Vineyards.[4]



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