"I didn't mean anything by it, Sanya. You're different, we know you."
―Tonzet, to Sanya[src]

Tonzet was an male Ukian farmer from Ukio. He had no love for the Galactic Republic and argued against Ukio's willingness to supply the Grand Army of the Republic with victuals during the Clone Wars. In spite of his anti-Republic view and his reluctance to embrace foreign interference in Ukian affairs, he maintained a friendship with Sanya, a representative of the Jedi Order's Agricultural Corps. Tonzet was later injured during a battle on Ukio.


Tonzet was a male Ukian who worked as a farmer on Ukio during the Clone Wars. He operated alongside another Ukian, and a member of the Jedi Order's Agricultural Corps, the Devaronian Sanya. When a Galactic Republic task force arrived at Ukio to inspect the defensive systems of the planet, Tonzet was irritated by their presence. His fellow Ukian reasoned that it was their existence that kept them in a job, but Tonzet believed otherwise. He suspected that eventually, the Republic would betray them, and use their considerable military might to seize whatever they wanted from Ukio. His fellow Ukian dismissed the anti-Republic sentiments, and when Sanya arrived, she pointed out that the crops themselves had no allegiance to anyone.[1]

Tonzet was delighted to see Sanya, as she had been working on a new crop of burrmillet grain. He inquired as to her progress, which was going well, but she was curious as to whether he grouped her as one of the "Republic meddlers." The Ukian protested, claiming that he did nothing of the sort, since he knew her, and the Devaronian suggested that he in turn get to know the newcomers. At that moment, the leader of the Republic team, the Zabrak Padawan Tyzen Xebec, approached, and inadvertently insulted Sanya by calling her a "wash-out," since she was serving the AgriCorps instead of the Jedi Order proper. She took umbrage, and jokingly told Tonzet to forget her suggestion that he get to know the newcomers. Later, when the Confederacy of Independent Systems attempted to render Ukio useless to the Republican war effort, Tonzet was injured on the head. Eventually, the Republic beat back the invaders, and as they recuperated, Tonzet was tendered medical assistance by a 2-1B surgical droid. Eventually, the Republic forces were forced to leave when the Confederacy purchased a controlling interest in Ukio.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Republic meddling is keeping these crops growing, Tonzet. And they pay their dues for the crops that they take."
"Yeah, for now. But they've got big enough guns that they won't have to."
―An Ukian and Tonzet[src]

A patriotic individual, Tonzet kept abreast of current affairs, and formed his own political ideas based on what he had heard. He was derisive of the Galactic Republic, and skeptical of their intentions. Although he realized that their presence kept him in work, he suspected that one day, the government would turn their guns on Ukio, and demand supplies, since they effectively possessed the more considerable weaponry. He was more appreciative of the Devaronian Sanya, however, purely because he knew her, whereas the Republican visitors were total strangers to him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Tonzet first appeared in Pablo Hidalgo's The Clone Wars: Act on Instinct, which was published in 2009. He was introduced in the sixth installment of the webcomic.


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