"Too Late to Change" (German title "Zu spät für Veränderungen") is a comic strip written by Jeremy Barlow, drawn by Ingo Römling and edited by Gunther Nickel. The story was published in the 28th issue of the German Star Wars Rebels Magazine, which was released on February 15, 2017.

In a Twitter message, Barlow placed this comic shortly after "Blood Sisters" in the second season of Star Wars Rebels.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

The story takes place on the planet Ammon IV, where the bounty hunter Ketsu Onyo is first seen hauling a large crate in the blistering heat. Elsewhere on the same world, the gangster Kruno and his thugs confront Jarret, a wounded farmer, and his wife and son. The gangster threatens to harm the farmers if they refuse to give up their land, but Jarret will have none of it.

A visibly exhausted Onyo then walks in on them, still hauling her crate. Without explaining her presence, she runs to the water trough and starts to drink. Meanwhile, Kruno takes an interest in the crate and has its goon open it, only to reveal a batch of blaster rifles emitting a strange blue light. The gangsters immediately seize the weapons, but Onyo reveals those blasters have something special: she activates a triggering device, which causes the blasters' lights to turn red, and the weapons explode, taking Kruno and his thugs with them. Thinking he and his family are out of trouble, Jarret moves to thank Onyo, but the bounty hunter answers with a hard punch, as it turns out she has in fact come for him. The two fight, and the wounded Jarret is no match for his opponent, who knocks him to the ground bleeding.

When the farmer's wife Loris pleads for her husband, Onyo tells her that she probably does not know Jarret had once been a cruel killer in the service of the Black Sun crime syndicate. But it appears Loris knew all along, and is convinced he truly is a changed man. When the farmers' son butts in, clumsily pointing a skinny rifle at Onyo, Jarret resigns himself to his fate and surrenders in exchange for the safety of his wife and son. The bounty hunter, remembering how her friend Sabine Wren gave her a second chance after their falling out, ends up deciding that Jarret deserves that chance too. Instead of killing him, she merely takes his bloodied shirt, which she will use to trick her employers into thinking the job is done.

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