"I taught your daddy the tricks that I taught myself. The same tricks he's teaching you. All with the hope that you won't end up like Toob, all broken up and scared inside."
―Karl Ancher to Drake Paulsen[src]

Toob Ancher was a male Human smuggler who worked for the crime lord Saadoon-Kauldi. He was the brother of Karl Mathieu Ancher.


Toob spent most of his time in the Ottega system. One day, a thermal detonator that was planted by a bounty hunter exploded in his face. His face was horribly disfigured, with his left eye completely blown out and his right eye had to be replaced with cybernetic prosthesis. Shortly afterward, he contracted Brekken Vinthern, more commonly known as the Bitter Winter disease, and he began to go insane. He was taken to the planet Redcap by Drake Paulsen to search out Saylor Marjan and to recover a debt owed to Saadoon-Kauldi. While on Redcap, Toob completely lost his mind and went insane. He set out to attack the Aremin, believing he could escape on his own ship. Drake Paulsen was forced to shoot him out of the sky to prevent Imperials from shooting him down.



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