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Tookas, also known as Adoris felines, were small feline creatures that were widespread across the galaxy.[1] They were known to also dwell on Coruscant's lower levels, where vermin infestations made alley tooka populations thrive.[1]

Tookas were beloved by many species, who domesticated and kept them as pets, but also seen as a plague on many planets. The felines were common companions of spacers and freighter captains during space voyages due to their efficacy at controlling pests and killing vermin aboard their starships.[1]

The creatures were so commonplace that they were the inspiration for stuffed dolls and artwork.[1]

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"Cats in Star Wars, why not?"
Dave Filoni[src]

The "Adoris feline" first appeared in the 1989 RPG adventure Otherspace. The Encyclopedia entry for tookas clarified that the Adoris feline was the same as the tooka.

Tookas were named after Dave Filoni's deceased cat Tuuk. They first appeared as a stuffed doll in the episode "Innocents of Ryloth", but "To Catch a Jedi" marks their first appearance in flesh.[3]

The Episode Guide Trivia Gallery at detailed more on tookas, with a slide header named "I Can Has Nuna?," referencing the Internet lolcat meme and weblog "I Can Has Cheezburger?".



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