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Numa's tooka doll

A tooka doll was a stuffed doll of a tooka, usually employed as a toy or means of comfort for children. It squeaked when squeezed or pressed. The Twi'lek Numa had one as a youngling on the planet Ryloth during the Clone Wars; it was found in the wreckage of her home by the clone trooper Waxer and given back to her, causing the girl to burst into tears as it reminded her of her lost family. Numa was then forced to leave the doll behind when gutkurrs attacked the house.[1]

The bounty hunter Sugi's SS-54 assault ship Halo featured nose art of a tooka doll wielding a knife.[2]

Wrecker of Clone Force 99 owned a tooka doll named "Lula," which he was very fond of and became distressed over when he couldn't find it.[3] Jyn Erso also had two tooka dolls on the world Lah'mu, which she named "Starrie" and "Koodie."[4] Ben Solo owned a tooka doll while in infancy, which his father Han Solo tried to use to calm his crying.[5]

Resistance agent Kazuda Xiono found a tooka doll abandoned in a village on the moon of Najra-Va during a reconnaissance mission in the Dassal system. He took it back to his post at the Colossus.[6]


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