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Numa's tooka doll

A tooka doll was a stuffed doll of a tooka. It squeaked when squeezed or pressed. The Twi'lek Numa had one as a youngling on the planet Ryloth during the Clone Wars.[1] Around the same era, Wrecker of Clone Force 99 owned one named "Lula."[2] Jyn Erso also had two tooka dolls on the world Lah'mu, which she named "Starrie" and "Koodie."[3] Ben Solo owned a tooka doll while in infacy, which his father Han Solo tried to use to calm his crying.[4]

The bounty hunter Sugi's SS-54 assault ship Halo featured nose art of a tooka doll wielding a knife.[5]

Resistance agent Kazuda Xiono found a tooka doll abandoned in a village on the moon of Najra-Va during a reconnaissance mission in the Dassal system. He took it back to his post at the Colossus.[6]


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