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Toola was a cold planet located in the Kaelta system. It was the homeworld of the Whiphids and was located in the Slice.


Toola occupied a slightly elliptic orbit around the star Kaelta[3] in the Kaelta system,[2] which was itself located in the Nilgaard sector of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy.[1] Toola was also within the region known as the Slice[11] and was situated on the Overic Griplink, which connected it to Quermia and Pakuuni.[4]

Toola was a terrestrial world with a breathable[3] but thin atmosphere,[12] standard gravity, a cool climate, and a moist hydrosphere. A day on Toola lasted 23 standard hours, and a year consisted of 423 local days.[3] Toola owed its cold conditions to its thin atmosphere and its distance from Kaelta,[12] and due to its oblong orbit, the planet experienced winter for most of its year; summer lasted less than one-fifth of the year and only caused warming in tropical regions. During summer, herd animals increased in number,[3] vegetation grew, and snow melted.[2]

Toola's terrain included frozen ocean, tundra,[3] glacier-encrusted mountains surrounded by windswept ice plains, and regions of snowy desert covered by shifting snow dunes.[13] In some isolated areas, hot springs, created when subterranean pools of water were heated by the core of the planet, burst out of the ground, providing a source of heat.[3]

Toola's equatorial regions supported ninety percent of its lifeforms,[13] including snow demons, arabores,[6] caraboose, tuggles,[7] and mastmots.[8] Snow demons were dangerous predators that hunted on the world's ice fields.[6] Grasses grew on Toola during summer. Caraboose and motmots grazed on the plains during the summer,[12] and the two would also join tuggles and snow demons in peacefully gathering around hot springs to warm themselves and drink melted water.[3]

Toola featured a tribal system of government and exported furs, tusks, and ice,[3] which some species from arid planets visited Toola to harvest. At one point, ice was the planet's only export.[14] While the world imported low technology,[3] it never developed a technological base, even after it came into contact with the outside galaxy.[15]


Toola was the site of a battle during the Clone Wars.

During the Jedi Civil War, Toola aligned with the Sith Empire.[10]

During the Clone Wars, Toola was allied with the Separatists.[10] In 19 BBY, the Battle of Toola was fought there. Later that year Jedi Master Simms was killed there as part of the Great Jedi Purge. Ithaqua Station was a port on Toola well-known for holding Jedi fugitives after Order 66 was issued, including the Last Curator of Records. The Jedi K'Kruhk came from Toola.

In 8 ABY, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker visited Toola in search of information on past Jedi. However, all he found was a despoiled Jedi archive and a deceased Jedi Master's robes and lightsaber. In 11 ABY, Ch'Unkk was head of Toola's largest clan.

Following the Massacre at Ossus, Jedi Master K'Kruhk went into hiding on the ice world, returning to Ossus seven years later.


Toola's population consisted of 8.4 million sentient beings. The Whiphids, a tusked and furred species of sentient predators, were native to Toola.[3] Most Whiphids living on Toola possessed thicker hair and more body fat than those found elsewhere.[14] Traders from off-world could also be found on Toola.[16]


The central market in Ithaqua Station.

Toola was the site of at least one spaceport, and a landing field.[3] A few small trading posts, which were the Whiphids' primary source of contact with the outside galaxy, were located close to the planet's equator and near hot water springs.[15]



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