"Pay us enough and we'll make worlds collide."
―Toom clan motto[src]

The Toom clan was a criminal organization motivated solely by profit. The clan's headquarters was located in an underground base in Dorvalla's northern wastes. They were originally a rescue operation which used Interdictor Cruisers to rescue those stranded in space, but soon moved on to piracy. They survived by bribing the Dorvalla Space Corps, which agreed to ignore their operation as long as they refrained from working within the Videnda sector.

In 33 BBY, the clan's leader was Nort Toom. The clan was made up largely of Weequays and Nikto, with lesser numbers of Abyssin, Gamorreans, Aqualish, and Barabels.

The Toom clan was hired by both Lommite Limited and InterGalactic Ore to sabotage ore barges belonging to each other. Bold enough to carry out both contracts, The Toom Clan pulled the barges out of hyperspace using their Interdictor Cruisers, which caused the competing barges to collide over Eriadu.

Both Lommite Limited and InterGalactic Ore were convinced that the clan had double crossed them. Shortly after the incident over Eriadu, a small force composed of troops from both companies made an attack on the clan's lair on Riome. The Toom clan was unable to repel the attack and was defeated.



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