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A Nexu with a mouth of sharp teeth.

"I will sharpen my teeth upon this boy's bones!"

Teeth (singular tooth) were a common anatomical structure found at the entry point to the digestive systems of numerous species throughout the galaxy.

Many non-sentient animals, such as vornskrs, had razor-sharp teeth,[1] and some sentients, such as Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa, a Near-Human, had similar teeth.[2] The Gungan species had large, blunt teeth which enabled them to crack open edible shellfish.[3] Other species, particularly pachydermoids, featured large teeth known as tusks. The Eodons in particular were renowned for their tusks.[4]

They were often cleaned using a toothbrush[5] or an ultrasound cleaner[6] as well as occasionally with a toothpick.[7]

Governor Wilek Nereus of Bakura was an avid collector of teeth, having collected them from numerous specimens, including Humans.[8] Mynock teeth were an extremely rare commodity.[9]


Though teeth technically appear in every Star Wars work, this list includes only explicit mentions of teeth in text or dialogue.


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