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"Have you forgotten something? Like, who's in charge here?"
"I haven't forgotten. If you don't agree with me, I'm going to have to… to defy your orders."
Joram Kithe and Tooth[src]

Tooth was an Advanced Recon Commando and one of a group of clone troopers left behind on Pengalan IV after their LAAT/i was shot down during a full scale Republic retreat.

Abandoned with his fellow troopers and a Republic accountant named Joram Kithe, they were on their own to figure out how to get off the desert planet. As all the troopers were of equal rank and experience, they were reduced to drawing straws for leadership. Tooth won. However, shortly thereafter, Kithe awoke and revealed that he had been commissioned as a Republic Intelligence lieutenant. Having no military experience, however, he largely relied on Tooth to command the unit's operations.

Kithe was disturbed by the troopers' reliance on proper procedure, and tried to foster individuality in them. To that end, he gave the troopers nicknames. Tooth gained his nickname because he lost a tooth in a sparring match with another trooper, the first unique thing about himself that came to his mind when Kithe told him about nicknames.

After making their way to Tur Lorkin, the nearest village, and infiltrating a starship bay, Tooth and Kithe realized that the village was in fact the site of the diamond boron missile manufacturing facility, not the factory which had been the site of the earlier trap.

Determined to destroy it, Tooth faced Kithe and was willing to defy the man's orders to complete his mission. Impressed, Kithe relented. The troopers sabotaged the factory with Kithe's aid while Tooth stole a Corellian ship to draw the CIS fighters away from the starship bay, allowing Joram and the remaining troopers to escape. Tooth was killed when he was shot down by the CIS forces.

His sacrifice touched Kithe, who decided to continue as an Intelligence agent.

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