"Many of the worlds that we service, our neighbors, have already seceded. It is most prudent for us to continue serving them as best as possible. Furthermore, removed from the burden of Republic tariffs and bureaucracy, we will actually see a rise in efficiency and, eventually, profits for our farmers."
―Overliege Topas dosLa[src]

Topas dosLa ruled the agriworld Ukio as Overliege during the Separatist Crisis. On the date 13:4:18, the Overliege and the other world leaders of the Abrion sector chose to secede from the Galactic Republic and join the fledgling Confederacy of Independent Systems. The choice was made by dosLa primarily due to the fact that many of the worlds that Ukio serviced had already seceded, and the Overliege felt it was prudent for Ukio itself to continue providing those services. In addition, dosLa's world would be free of the Republic tariffs.[1]

Overliege dosLa was later quoted on HoloNet News, and the secession of the Abrion sector inspired debate within the Galactic Senate as to whether or not they should approve subsidy packages for any food supplication worlds still within the Republic. With the removal of Republic tariffs that came with Ukio's secession, dosLa was confident that Ukio would enjoy new levels of profitability for his farmers, as well as an increase in efficiency.[1]

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Topas dosLa was first mentioned in HoloNet News Vol. 531 52, an article published in 2002 and written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens.[1]

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