Tor'ara was an Ebranite operative for the Rebel Alliance.

As a child, Tor'ara saw the Galactic Empire subjugate her native world of Ebra. Tor'ara and her sisters, Nyik and Rith Tar'ak, from the Rull were enslaved.

They managed to escape from Ebra by hijacking an Imperial shuttle. The sisters forced the pilot to take them to the Rebel Alliance. The sisters became the first Ebranites to serve as soldiers for the Rebel Alliance.

They joined the 28-member Scandium Team, based in the Tharin sector. The operations of the Scandiums were noticed throughout all the galaxy. The sisters also created Sandstorm Unit, which specialized in desert infiltration.

During the Wellte-ir Massacre, Scandium Team was defeated, with 22 of the 28 members dying on the Bresnan plains. Rith was the only surviving Ebranite; Tor'ara and Nyik died during the battle.

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