"She's surlier than a hungry rancor, but she's the best engineer you'll ever meet."
Koth Vortena about Tora[src]

Tora was a female Human engineer who played part in the revolt against the Eternal Empire as part of the Alliance.


Born during the Cold War, Tora was an orphan[1] who established herself as an engineering prodigy since childhood. Aged eleven, she built a miniature droid to help her cheat on the math exam and another to harass the classmate who ratted her out. For this, she was suspended and placed in counselling to treat her "antisocial behavior." Tora reached adulthood during the Galactic War and became a swoop racer on Nar Shaddaa by the time of the Eternal Empire conquest. Her career was cut short when her attempt to cheat by repurposing thermal detonators into turbo boosters backfired, and the detonators exploded mid-race, destroying the race truck and injuring several racers. Tora survived by miraculously ejecting, but the racers put a bounty on her head as retribution. Tora was forced to flee the Hutt Space and offered her engineering services to captain Koth Vortena on the first ship leaving the smuggler's moon.[2]

Vortena and his crew were themselves defectors from the Eternal Empire, willing to take a stand against Zakuul's new Emperor Arcann. Tora fit in with Vortena's crew, displaying her incredible talent for engineering and earning Vortena's admiration despite her short temper. In 3632 BBY Koth allied with Lana Beniko to rescue her associate from imprisonment in carbonite by Arcann. While making their escape from Zakuul, they came across the legendary vessel called the Gravestone, which they used to travel to Asylum, where Vortena's crew was based. There, Tora was making a supply run to the Free Zone black market, obtaining a pack of thermal detonators from Blast Crew gang run by Tanno Vik. Vik charged her 50,000 credits for one hundred detonators, which Tora found excessive and attempted to rob him instead. Vik's men caught her and Tora insulted Tanno Vik's mother, which angered the Weequay to the point where he was ready to kill her. However, they were interrupted by arrival of HK-55 and the Commander whom Beniko had rescued, send by Vortena to find and assist Tora after she had not returned in time. The bodyguard droid identified Tora as their target, and Vik acknowledged that the Outlander did him a favor by eliminating his old rival Oggo, but still refused to hand Tora over.[1]

Tora 1

Tora, after finishing her work on the Gravestone

The Outlander managed to settle things peacefully, allowing Tora to return to Asylum docks and begin her work on the Gravestone, scolding her captain for taking poor care of the ship and for almost frying the power core. When the Eternal Fleet arrived at their position and started the battle of Asylum, the crew managed to escape on the Gravestone, with Tora noting how bad the Outlander looked following a duel with Arcann and asking if she could take their things upon the Outlander's death. Everyone then traveled to Odessen, where Beniko set up a formal Alliance to oppose the Eternal Empire, which Tora joined along with the rest of Vortena's crew. Tora celebrated with others by drinking in a cantina, where she mistook HK-51 series assassin droid for HK-55 and eventually passed out. During the Battle of Odessen she joined the defense of the Alliance base aboard the Gravestone, helping Theron Shan fix the ship's omnicannon.[1]

In the battle, the Alliance managed to dethrone Arcann, only for his sister Vaylin to claim the Eternal Throne in his place, teaming up with SCORPIO. The two of them used subterfuge to launch a surprise assault on the Gravestone, boarding the vessel under the guise of a civilian freighter. Vortena himself managed to evade capture, but Tora, Len Parvek and the rest of the crew were held as Vaylin's prisoners on the ship's bridge. SCORPIO, who had ulterior motives, maneuvered Vaylin into leaving the bridge, allowing Koth and the Outlander to reach it and free Tora and the rest. Koth then revealed that he installed a quantum bomb on the ship and ordered Tora and others to the escape pods, where they managed to eject shortly before SCORPIO took control over the vessel and launched it into hyperspace. The Alliance eventually managed to defeat Vaylin and Tora joined the others in traveling to Zakuul on the Gravestone. There the Outlander claimed the Eternal Throne and proclaimed the age of the Eternal Alliance, unifying the military of Zakuul and the Eternal Fleet with the cause of the Alliance, which Tora continued to be a part of.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tora is a character in Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansions of Star Wars: The Old Republic, first appearing in Chapter VI: Asylum. If the player makes several Dark Side choices and drives Koth Vortena to abandon the Alliance, Tora will have a more prominent role in the events, becoming the captain of the Gravestone and taking Koth's role in the events of the GEMINI trap and the Battle of Odessen.

Gameplay alternativesEdit

  • During Fallen Empire Chapter VI: Asylum player can settle Tora's dispute with Tanno Vik peacefully, either ordering her to apologize to Vik or simply paying for stolen thermal detonators for Light Side points, or killing Tanno Vik for Dark Side point.
  • During Fallen Empire Chapter IX: The Alliance Tora will have a conversation with HK-51 only if the player had unlocked him a companion prior to starting the Fallen Empire storyline.
  • During Fallen Empire Chapter X: Anarchy In Paradise if player allows Kaliyo Djannis to detonate the bombs in the Spire on Zakuul after previously allowing the Sun Generator to explode during Chapter III: The Outlander, Koth Vortena will abandon the Alliance along with Len Parvek and possibly Ralo. They will try to take the Gravestone, but Tora will fight them off, forcing Koth to escape on a shuttle instead, while Tora reports the news to the Alliance Command.
  • During Fallen Empire Chapter XI: Disavowed if Koth Vortena left the Alliance, Tora will reassure the player that she and the other remaining crew will remain loyal, mostly because of the steady pay.
  • During Fallen Empire Chapter XV: The GEMINI Deception if Koth Vortena left the Alliance, Tora will pilot the Gravestone instead, informing the player when their jamming signal temporary breaks and when GEMINI Prime stops responding to any signals.
  • During Fallen Empire Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen if Koth Vortena left the Alliance, Tora will pilot the Gravestone instead, before going to help Theron Shan fix the omnicannon and leaving the bridge to T7-O1. This will allow Koth and his loyalists to infiltrate and steal the Gravestone, capturing Tora and Theron Shan and ejecting them in an escape pod before escaping with the ship.
  • In Eternal Throne Chapter III: Dark Reunions if Koth Vortena left the Alliance and stole the Gravestone, Tora will not be aboard when Vaylin and her forces take control of the ship. At the end of the Chapter player can either forgive Koth and allow him back in the Alliance or kill him. In latter case, the Gravestone will be returned to the Alliance, but Hylo Visz will become the new captain, with Tora's role in the subsequent events being unaffected.


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