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"Will you just look at this place! Who in their right mind would build a library here?"
"Well, according to the records, it used to be a paradise world before it was torched by the raiders."
―Emil Graf and CR-8R[1]

Centuries before[1] 34 ABY,[2] a group of Nihil marauders torched the planet Nelgenam, which had been considered a paradise world prior to the event. The Nihil destroyed a popular library on the planet during the torching.[1] Between 34 and 35 ABY,[2] the cartographer Emil Graf journeyed to the ruined library on Nelgenam. His companion, the monster droid CR-8R, informed him about the torching and stated that the planet was a paradise before the arrival of the Nihil.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The torching of Nelgenam was mentioned in the comic story "The Lost Stories, Part 1," written by Cavan Scott. The story was published in the comic book Star Wars Adventures (2017) 30[1] on January 29, 2020.[3]


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