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"She's too good for Skavak."
Corso Riggs after Skavak stole his blaster[src]

Torchy was a BlasTech ALT-25 blaster pistol owned by Corso Riggs. It was his first blaster given to him during his time in the Peace Brigade. During a mission on Ord Mantell, it was stolen from him by a scoundrel, Skavak.[1] who was still in possession of this weapon when Corso and his ally, known as Ace, were ambushed by Skavak after finding the lost treasure of the pirate, Nok Drayen. It is not known whether it was Corso or Bowdaar who assisted "Ace" in the fight against Skavak, but it is known that Torchy was looted from the corpse of Skavak. Back aboard Ace's XS stock light freighter, Corso asked the smuggler about the weapon, though it is unknown whether the Smuggler returned the weapon to its rightful owner or kept it for themselves.



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