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"Papa Toren thanks you for returning his property, stolen some time ago by the disgusting Imperials when they came to occupy this planet."
―One of Toren's winged associates speaks to Calrissian for him[src]

Toren, known as Papa Toren, was a male crime lord who operated on the planet Castell. After Lando Calrissian recovered one of his trinkets, Toren coerced the smuggler into stealing the Emperor Palpatine's personal yacht Imperialis in order to pay off the rest of his debt. By the time of the New Republic, Toren and his elves were imprisoned at Megalox prison on the planet Megalox Beta. In an unsuccessful bid to escape the prison, Toren agreed to help the First Order Agent Terex to kill the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron and his Black Squadron and to storm Grakkus the Hutt's fortress. This plot failed and Terex abandoned Toren and his fellow gangsters to die under the weight of Megalox Beta's heavy atmosphere.


Age of the Empire

When the Galactic Empire arrived on Castell, a trinket of Toren was stolen by Moff Ssaria. Toren then got the smuggler Lando Calrissian to recover the trinket from Ssaria as a means of repaying his debt. Toren however reneged on his deal and told Calrissian that only ten percent of his debt had been eliminated. To repay the rest of the debt, Toren hired Calrissian to steal the Imperialis, the Emperor Palpatine's pleasure craft. Toren told Calrissian that all he wanted was the craft and that Calrissian could keep the craft's contents. During the meeting, Toren was aided by an elf, who acted as a translator between him and Calrissian.[1]

Lando agreed and recruited Lobot, the Ugnaught scholar Korin Pers, and the alien clones Aleksin and Pavol to aid with the heist. Using stealth suits provided by Toren, they infiltrated the Sienar Fleet Systems Orbital Shipyard CC-24 and stole the yacht.[1] After being pursued by a squadron of Imperial Star Destroyers, Lando and his crew discovered the ship's true identity[2] and its Sith treasures.[3]. Aleksin and Pavol were corrupted by a Sith mask aboard the ship and turned on the other crew.[4] Aleksin killed Korin but Lando and Lobot managed to escape with the help of the bounty hunter Chanath Cha. After killing Aleksin and Pavol, Chanath destroyed the ship and the three escaped in escape pods.[5]

First Order-Resistance conflict

By 34 ABY, Toren and his elves were prisoners on the planet Megalox Beta's prison, which was considered to be one of the New Republic's worst prisons for the worst criminals. Toren became a criminal boss and commanded a gang. During the search for Lor San Tekka, Toren and the other crime bosses Kan Be and Isin met with the First Order Security Bureau agent Terex. Grakkus the Hutt, the most powerful mob boss in the prison, had broken his deal with Terex to disclose information about Lor San Tekka.[6]

During the meeting, Toren asked Terex through one of his elf translators what the First Order agent wanted. Seeking revenge against Grakkus, Terex hired Toren and the other mob bosses to attack Grakkus' fortress and to kill the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron and his Black Squadron associates. In return, Terex promised Toren and his fellow crime bosses the opportunity to escape Megalox on his ship Carrion Spike. Putting their plan into action, the mob bosses attacked the fortress but had to contend with Black Squadron and the Hutt guards.[6]

Ultimately, the assault failed because Poe's astromech droid BB-8 and the squadron's droids managed to disable the gravity field protecting the prison from Megalox Beta's high gravity. Toren and the other gangsters and Terex were overwhelmed by the planet's high gravity. One of Toren's elves was killed by the high force of the gravity. When the other elf asked Toren about his comrade, Toren realized that his companion had died and began weeping. Terex escaped aboard the Carrion Spike and abandoned Toren and the other criminals to die.[7]

Personality and traits

"What... happened to... Papa Toren? First... time I've... ever heard him... make a sound."
"One of his... creatures... died. Was... in the air... when grav field... shut off. Smashed...into...ground."
―Isin and Kan Be observing Toren's grief[src]

Papa Toren was a male member of an unidentified alien species. He could not speak Galactic Basic and spoke in a tongue inaudible to Lando Calrissian[1] and Terex.[6] When dealing with humans, Toren hired several small, winged elves as associates and translators. Toren was known as an exploitative employer who tricked Calrissian into recovering his trinket under the pretext of wiping out his debt. He kept Calrissian indebted in order to coerce the smuggler into stealing the Emperor's yacht Imperialis.[1]

As a mob boss, Toren commanded a gang in Megalox prison. His desire to escape the harsh prison led him to participate in Terex's plan to attack Grakkus and Black Squadron.[6] Despite his exploitative nature, Toren loved and respected his elves. When one of them was crushed to death by Megalox's high gravity, he was heard weeping by his fellow gangsters Kan Be and Isin.[7]

Behind the scenes

Toren first appeared in the Marvel Comics comic book Lando, Part I, which was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Alex Maleev and released in 2015. Toren later reappeared in the fifth and sixth issues of the Marvel Comics series Star Wars: Poe Dameron. He was written by Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto.


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