The planet Torize was located in the system of the same name on the Trition Trade Route in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. A major trade and industrial hub, the planet was orbited by numerous space stations, and spaceports littered the surface. A naturally volcanic planet with high levels of activity, Torize's atmosphere was hazardous to most beings, and a breath mask was required. The atmosphere was worsened by an industrial accident in 5 ABY that released toxic pollutants into the air. In 8 ABY, the sector capital, Kal'Shebbol, was liberated by New Republic forces, forcing the local Imperial warlord, Moff Kentor Sarne, into retreat. The planet subsequently faced an internal power struggle between Imperial loyalists intent on holding the planet, and New Republic sympathizers who wished to overthrow them.


The planet Torize was located in the Torize system[3] of the Outer Rim Territories'[1] Kathol sector. Torize was situated on the Trition Trade Route between the Kal'Shebbol and Kolatill systems, with a spur connecting it to Oon Tien system. A major stopping point on the Trition Trade Route, the world was eighteen hours' travel from the sector capital Kal'Shebbol by Class One hyperdrive, a day and four hours travel from Kolatill, and Oon Tien was fourteen hours away. Supporting a population of 1.5 billion inhabitants, Torize was a major manufacturing planet ringed with space stations and with extensive starports on the surface. A naturally volcanic planet, the atmosphere was classed as Type II, with residents requiring a breath mask when outside. The toxic atmosphere was worsened in 5 ABY with the inadvertent release of pollutants into the atmosphere following an industrial accident.[2]


The Trition Trade Route, with Torize located between Kal'Shebbol and Kolatill

Torize fell under Imperial control, and Moff Kentor Sarne, governor of the Kathol sector, stationed a defensive fleet in the system to protect the industrial base. The orbiting space stations were also placed under the command of Imperial officials. In 4 ABY, following the Battle of Endor, Moff Sarne broke from the Empire and established himself as a warlord, and Torize fell under his direct control. In 5 ABY, a major industrial accident on the planet resulted in the release of toxic pollutants into the atmosphere.[2]

Following the liberation of Kal'Shebbol by New Republic forces in 8 ABY, Moff Sarne was forced to flee his capital with the majority of his forces.[4] On his way deeper into the Kathol sector, Sarne stopped at Torize and supplemented his fleet with vessels from the planetary defense force.[2] He also ordered the Imperial commanders of the space stations to hold firm. While the commanders stuck to their orders, the majority of the space station crews and planetary population were ready to renounce the Empire and Sarne, and join the New Republic.[5]

The New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar—on a mission to track down and locate Moff Sarne—visited Torize to find the system involved in an internal power struggle. Surrounded by patrol ships and TIE Fighters, the corvette was ordered to surrender, and was taken aboard one of the stations. On board, the crew of the FarStar encountered personnel loyal to the New Republic who requested their assistance in staging an armed revolution to overthrow the Imperial authorities.[5]


As a major industrial base and trade center, Torize had numerous planet-based spaceports to facilitate commerce and manufacturing concerns. The planet was also ringed by a number of space stations.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Torize was featured in The DarkStryder Campaign, a supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by West End Games. Although not featured directly in any adventure, the planet was included so that gamemaster could use the location in an original adventure.[2] A specific "adventure hook" was detailed in the scenario Omens. This article assumes that the FarStar did indeed travel to the planet as detailed in the published adventure hook.[5]

Both the Star Wars Encyclopedia[6] and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 1998 and 2008 respectively, misspelled the planet's name as "Lorize" in their entries for the Kathol sector.[7]



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