"I only want what is best for all the people of Garos."
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Tork Winger was a male Human Imperial Governor of Garos IV. When the Empire forced a peace during a fierce civil war on Garos IV, they placed Tork Winger as the Governor. He was a respected local politician who tried to find a middle ground between the Imperials and the locals.

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Tork Winger was a Human male born on the planet Garos IV[1] in 62 BBY[2] to a politically well-connected family.[1] Sometime between 46 BBY and 44 BBY,[5] Winger became one of the first Garosians to enter the service of the Galactic Republic, training at the Academy of Carida and joining the army. After five years of service, Winger returned to Garos IV, and entered politics, using his familial connections.[6] By the time Winger was 30, in 32 BBY, he was the top aide to Garos' highest authority.[1]

By 16 BBY, Winger was serving as the Assistant Minister of Defense. He appointed Magir Paca, the son of one of his friends, as an aide, and mentored the young man as Paca rose through the ranks of the diplomatic service.[6]

Alongside the noted Sundar engineer Tionthes Turi, Winger negotiated a truce between the warring factions of the Garosian Civil War, ending eighty-two years of constant violence. The city of Garan, which had been the location of the majority of the conflict, was rebuilt and Garosian and Sundar leaders entered into peace negotiations. During the process, minor violations of the truce occurred, but two incidents were remembered more than others. The first was the Whahalla Massacre. The second was the assassination of Winger's friend, businessman and peace advocate West Haslip, and his wife, Nieka, in 12 BBY. Winger was present when they were killed by the Sundar bomb, and was injured in the explosion.[6]

Winger became the leading authority on the conflict, and was respected by leaders and diplomats on both sides due to his reputation as a just individual.[6] However, Winger's inability to truly end the conflict on Garos gnawed at him.[1] In 6 BBY, the Galactic Empire began to take a greater interest in Garos IV. Winger hoped that their presence would finally ensure a lasting peace between the Garosians and the Sundars.[6] The Empire's methods of ending the war were not what Winger had hoped for, but he could not argue with the result. He accepted that sacrifices had to be made for the greater good.[1]

Tork and his daughter Alex

The same year, a friend of Winger's, Imperial Senior Lieutenant Brandei of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Judicator, contacted him. Brandei had just arrived on Garos IV, and requested to meet with Winger and his wife at the medical center in Ariana. Upon arrival, Winger was presented with a young girl, who Brandei claimed was the child of Rebels destroyed[6] on the planet Janara III.[7] Brandei knew of the Wingers' inability to conceive, and had convinced the captain of the Judicator to foster the child with the Wingers. Winger and Sali accepted, and accepted the child, Alexandra, into their home.[6]

Shortly after, Winger was appointed as Garos IV's Imperial Governor[6] by Emperor Palpatine due to the high regard that he was held in by the people of Garos IV. However, Winger's popularity did not stop many Garosians believing that the new governor was a traitor for his acceptance of the Empire.[1]

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