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Torkil Mux owned a HWK-290 light freighter, which he used on the planet Shinbone to mine gems.


From the outside, it appeared to be a stock HWK-290 light freighter starship.


The Arcona Torkil Mux was skimming gems from Jabba the Hutt and storing them on a transport until he could escape the giant slug's clutches. For his mining operation, he used a number of walking plants as slave labor. When the smuggling pair of Han Solo and Chewbacca arrived with more laborers, the two smugglers became concerned with their plight. When it was discovered Mux was hoarding gems, the two smugglers hatched a plan to steal the gems and free the walking plants.

Chewbacca gathered the walking plants unto Mux's ship while Solo distracted the Arcona. Chewbacca took off with the transport and Solo ran back to the Millennium Falcon after blasting Mux's K4 security droid. The two ships docked in orbit, and Chewbacca suggested to the walking plants that they take the ship to Kashyyyk. The pair took 60 kilograms of gems to give to Jabba and went on their separate way.

Behind the scenesEdit

Torkil Mux's transport appears in Ryder Windham's 2010 young reader novel Adventures in Hyperspace: Shinbone Showdown.



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