Torm Dadeferron was a Human male who joined Rekkon's quest to find Stars' End during the Galactic Civil War.


Torm's family controlled several large tracts of land known as the Kail Ranges. Torm's father and brother disappeared after a dispute with the Corporate Sector Authority over land-use rights and stock prices.

Torm struck a deal with the CSA to infiltrate and sabotage Rekkon's rescue effort. In exchange, he would inherit the family tracts on Kail, which would make him quite wealthy.

He killed Rekkon aboard the Millennium Falcon after Rekkon and his group escaped Orron III with the Corellian Smuggler Han Solo. However, he was tricked by Han Solo into revealing that he was the murderer, and, as a result, was tossed out an airlock without a spacesuit on.



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