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"My second-in-command is Torm, whose cover role is contract laborer. His family controlled large ranges on Kail, independent landowners under the Authority. There was some sort of dispute over land-use rights and stock prices. Several family members vanished when they wouldn't yield to pressure."

Torm Dadeferron was a Human male who worked as a double agent for the Corporate Sector Authority's Security Police during the era of the Galactic Civil War. Dadeferron grew up the younger son of a major landowner on Kail, and eventually inherited his family's property after reporting his father and brother to the Security Police as political dissenters. The Security Police went on to train him as an agent and sent him to infiltrate a group of Corporate Sector citizens searching for loved ones similarly disappeared by the Authority. Dadeferron earned the trust of the group's leader, Rekkon, and became his second-in-command before turning on and killing him. That earned him death at the hands of Rekkon's ally Han Solo, who spaced him out of his ship's airlock.


"Don't worry about finding Rekkon, he'll find you. And when he does, deal with him."
―Torm Dadeferron's orders from Corporate Sector Authority leadership[src]

A native of the Corporate Sector world of Kail, Torm Dadeferron grew up in a prosperous family: he was the younger son of Dixon Dadeferron, owner of the vast farming estate known as the Kail Ranges. Although his older brother Trevim was in line to inherit the Ranges, Dadeferron had a seemingly happy childhood until his mother died of a prolonged illness. After her death, Dadeferron went on a vacation to the resort world of Maryo, where he was clandestinely approached by Corporate Sector Authority secret police with a tempting offer. Dadeferron's father had often bickered with Authority leadership—[2]frequent disputes regarding land-use rights, stock prices, and so on—[1]and Trevim and their uncles had routinely sided with Dixon. The secret police let it be known that if Dadeferron informed on his family, they would be conveniently disappeared, and he would stand to inherit the Kail Ranges.[2]

Torm Dadeferron threatens Han Solo aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Although Dadeferron held no ill will toward his family, he found it too difficult to pass up the prospect of controlling the Kail Ranges. He took the deal, and not long afterward his father and brother were sent to a secret Authority prison known as Stars' End. However, Dadeferron's dealings with the Authority's police state weren't over. The young lord soon had another task: infiltrate a group of concerned citizens led by an academic named Rekkon, who were searching for loved ones who had disappeared in much the same way Dadeferron's family had. The Security Police, or "Espos," trained Dadeferron as a secret agent and sent him out, directing him to "deal with" Rekkon when he got the chance.[2] Dadeferron succeeded in infiltrating Rekkon's group and became one of his most trusted allies, and in 2 BBY, he joined Rekkon and several others as they slowly infiltrated an Authority Data Center on Orron III in search of the location of their loved ones. The team on Orron III included two Trianii, Atuarre and her cub Pakka, and a young man named Engret. By this point, Dadeferron, who posed as a contract laborer during the operation, had become Rekkon's second-in-command.[1]

After a month on Orron III, the arrival of some reinforcements—the notorious smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca, along with two droids, Blue Max and Bollux—put their plot into gear. The initial plan was for Blue Max to download and analyze the necessary data and thereafter, Solo and Chewbacca would fly them offworld in their ship, the Millennium Falcon. However, after rendezvousing at Rekkon's office in the Data Center, they quickly realized that the Authority had been alerted to their presence, forcing them to fight their way free. The group stole a skimmer and blasted off into the fields of Orron III, closely pursued by an entire squad of Espos, who eventually chased them down in a hovervan and forced them to crash. Although Dadeferron and the others emerged safely from the wreck, the Espos captured Chewbacca before they could escape.[1]

With Solo dead-set on freeing his friend, Dadeferron and the rest of the group piled into the Millennium Falcon and launched in pursuit. Shortly after the ship reached hyperspace, however, the double agent Dadeferron at last found his time to strike. Dadeferron entered the ship's main hold and came across Rekkon, alone, studying the data retrieved on Orron III—Dadeferron wasted little time in drawing his blaster pistol and putting a hole in the man's back. Solo came upon Rekkon's corpse not long after his death, and as Dadeferron had exited the scene, Solo initially could not tell if it was him, Atuarre or Pakka who had done the deed. However, Solo soon unraveled the truth and confronted Dadeferron, who responded by quickly attacking Atuarre and attempting to hold her hostage. A flying attack by an enraged Pakka saved the young Trianii's mother, forcing Dadeferron to flee deeper into the ship, where Solo cornered him in the ship's airlock. Although Dadeferron desperately attempted to bargain for his life, Solo coldly blasted him into space, ending the double agent's schemes.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Torm Dadeferron

"Solo, tell me what you want; I'll get it for you, I swear! You're a guy who looks out for number one, aren't you? Isn't that what you are, Solo?"
―Torm Dadeferron, to Han Solo[src]

Above all, Torm Dadeferron was driven by simple greed, the deadly sin that set into motion the most important events of his life. Although Dadeferron had an amiable relationship with his family, the chance to control the Kail Ranges superseded every other value he had—while he didn't necessarily want his relatives dead, the idea of them stuck in prison while he profited was good enough for him. Dadeferron also reveled in the power and connections that came with working for the Security Police, and came to enjoy his work as a double agent.[2] In the end, he simply saw himself as a man who looked out for number one: although he thought he had found another like him in Han Solo, he ultimately found himself mistaken when his attempts to bargain with the smuggler failed.[1] Owing in part to his training at the hands of the Espos,[2] Dadeferron, who carried a blaster pistol, proved to be both athletic and capable in a fight.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Torm Dadeferron first appeared in Han Solo at Stars' End, a novel written by Brian Daley and released in 1979.[1] He also appeared in the novel's comic adaptation, where he was illustrated by Alfredo Alcala.[3] Although Daley's novel describes Dadeferron as having red hair and blue eyes,[1] Alcala depicted him with brown hair and dark eyes.[3] The comic also depicts his manner of death differently: in the novel he is killed by being spaced out of the Millennium Falcon's airlock,[1] while in the comic Solo simply shoots him to death.[3]



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