"Toro was a dreamer, and you took him to become a Jedi and now he's dead. You're responsible."
―Reen Irana, to Mander Zuma[src]

Toro Irana was a male Pantoran Jedi Knight who served as an apprentice to Jedi archivist Mander Zuma in the New Jedi Order.


In 19 ABY, while on Makem Te for a mission to acquire navigation coordinates for the Indrexu Spiral, Irana was poisoned with a bottle of wine at a restaurant. Driven mad by an unknown substance, he killed six Swokes Swokes, including the nephew of a Caliph, before jumping through the showcase of a restaurant on the fortieth floor, which caused his death.[1]

Alerted by the protests of the Government of Makem Te to the New Republic, the Jedi sent Mander Zuma to investigate the causes of his former apprentice's death while the sister of the Pantoran, Reen, was conducting her own investigation.

Personality and traitsEdit

According to his former master, Toro Irana was a headstrong and easily riled apprentice.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

During his training on Yavin 4, Irana showed high achievement in lightsaber combat, bonding with his lightsaber to the point where the weapon became an extension of his will. His master thought of him as a "superb warrior".



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