"I'm not a Jedi because I like the hum of the lightsaber in my hand…and I'm not a Jedi because I like being a Jedi. I'm a Jedi because the galaxy needs Jedi."
―Torr Snapit[src]

Torr Snapit was a Jedi scout and Master who lived during the end of the New Sith Wars. He was killed on Ruusan by the Sith.


Torr sacrifice

Snapit sacrifices himself to save Hardin and Darovit.

Snapit disliked using his lightsaber and usually wielded a hardened wood staff, as it had a longer reach.

He discovered three young Force-sensitive Humans on the world of Somov Rit—"Tomcat," "Bug," and "Rain." They were taken to Ruusan, where the Jedi Army of Light was battling the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness. While in transit, they were attacked by Sith fighters, and narrowly escaped.

Once on land, the Sith were not far behind, and Torr held them back so that the children could escape. Slicing a rope bridge with his weapon once they were safely across, he fell down the canyon along with the hordes of Sith minions. Tomcat climbed down to try and retrieve Torr's lightsaber. Torr was still alive, and urged Tomcat to leave the weapon with him, but he could only watch in dismay as the boy took it anyway. Torr died from his injuries moments later.



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