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"Look. Kaz, Yeager, even Tam…They're more than friends. They are part of the Colossus. We're all family here."
―Torra Doza, to the citizens of the Colossus[6]

Torra Doza was a human female pilot who lived on the Colossus, an aircraft refueling station located on the Outer Rim world of Castilon, during the era of the New Republic. The daughter of Venisa Doza, a former pilot for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, her mother's exploits helped inspire Doza's own love of flying. She was a resident of the facility's upper levels, owing to the position of her father, Captain Imanuel Doza, as station operator.

Doza piloted the Blue Ace, a state-of-the-art ship with various customizations suited to her personality and racing skills, during the time of the Cold War. Her membership in Ace Squadron—a starfighter squadron employed by the station for defense purposes—afforded Doza the opportunity to fly alongside some of the most skilled pilots in the galaxy. She was an avid racer who often participated in the station's racing contests. After his arrival in 34 ABY, Torra became acquainted with fellow racer Kazuda Xiono, secretly a Resistance spy, and eventually came to suspect there was more to Xiono than he claimed.



As the daughter of Captain Imanuel Doza, Torra Doza was raised in the upper levels of the Colossus.

Born in 18 ABY,[1] Torra Doza was the daughter of Imanuel Doza[2] and Venisa Doza, a former pilot for the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[7] She grew up on the Colossus refueling platform on the ocean planet Castilon, raised by her overprotective father.[2]

While Torra's parents were inseparable, Venisa left about six years before the Hosnian Cataclysm to join the Resistance, a paramilitary outfit founded by Alliance hero Princess Leia Organa.[7] With the New Republic unwilling to take action against the Imperial remnant known as the First Order, Organa had found the Resistance as a paramilitary outfit to monitor the First Order.[8] For the next six years, Torra and her father would meet with Venisa a year on Torra's birthday to spend time together as a family.[7]

As a teenager, Doza joined the Ace Squadron—a team of highly skilled and competitive starship pilots hired to protect the Colossus. Serving as the youngest of the Aces,[4] Doza piloted the Blue Ace, an advanced starfighter that incorporated various design modifications and coloration to reflect her personality and flying skills.[9][4]

Enter Kaz[]

"Nobody survived racing against me, but who knows? Maybe you'll be the first to walk away."
―Torra Doza, to Kazuda Xiono[4]

Torra and Kaz race

Doza's affiliation with the Aces afforded her the opportunity to participate in the station's racing competitions. During the rise of the First Order, Doza became acquainted with Kazuda Xiono, a New Republic pilot who raced for Jarek Yeager's Team Fireball, while also working as a spy for the Resistance. She met him when he chose her as his opponent in a one-on-one sky race he had been unwillingly signed up for, and she came down to Team Fireball's repair shop to wish Xiono good luck. During the race, she and Xiono proved to be very close, if not superior, in skill, and the deciding factor was ultimately the quality of their ships, as the engines of the ramshackle Fireball gave out when Xiono pushed them too hard, causing them to crash and giving Doza the victory. After Xiono passed out and then was rescued, Doza made sure to be there when he woke up, and congratulated him on surviving a race against her, which she had earlier claimed had never happened before.[4]

Riding the storm[]

"They're breaking off the attack."
"I don't think it was all us."
―Freya Fenris and Torra Doza[10]

Doza piloted the Blue Ace as a member of the Ace Squadron.

A short time later, when Kragan Gorr and his gang of pirates attacked the Colossus during a major storm, Doza, along with fellow Aces Freya Fenris, Hype Fazon and Bo Keevil, defended the platform in their starships. They fought well, but were outnumbered until the pirates abruptly retreated. While Fenris believed the Aces' skill has been sufficient to claim a victory, Doza suspected there was another factor that they didn't know about. She was correct — Xiono had assisted by broadcasting a grating feedback loop over the pirates' communications channel.[10]

Kaz's visit to Doza Tower[]

"If my father catches you here, he'll kill you!"
―Torra Doza ushers Kaz out of her room[11]

First Order stormtroopers confronted Doza in her quarters while searching for a Resistance spy.

Torra's next encounter with Xiono came when he managed to get himself invited into Doza Tower by Hype Fazon in an attempt to find out what visiting First Order personnel were doing on the platform. After being discovered outside Captain Doza's office, Xiono fled. Hearing the commotion, Torra sent a droid, 4D-M1N, outside to see what was going on, and Xiono slipped into the open door of her bedroom without knowing what room he was entering. Torra, assuming Xiono had come because he was attracted to her, turned him down.[11]

She was more concerned with what her father, Captain Doza, would do to Xiono if he found him there, and helped him out her window to the narrow ledge below it before the stormtroopers pursuing him forced their way in. Torra tried to claim that Xiono had gone in a different direction, but it didn't work, and the troopers left. After Xiono had successfully escaped his pursuers, when Major Elrik Vonreg confronted Captain Doza about the spy on the platform, Torra claimed that the intruder, Xiono, had merely been a friend of hers who had gotten lost while on his way out of the tower. Doza backed her up, and eventually Vonreg and his troops left.[11]

Juggling racing and escort duty[]

Torra was sent, along with the rest of the Aces, to escort in an important shipment, resulting in a pirate attack on the platform thanks to the pirates' spy, Synara San.[12] Later, Torra competed, along with the rest of the Aces, in the annual Platform Classic, placing third after Jarek Yeager chose at the last second to let his brother, Marcus Speedstar, win as he was in need of the prize money.[13]

Befriending Kaz[]

Frustrated by feelings of isolation and loneliness, Doza formed a friendship with Kazuda Xiono.

Torra, due to her father's over-protectiveness, was not often allowed to go out, but she grew bored of doing nothing but playing flight simulator games and being alone all day. Sometime after the Platform Classic of 34 ABY, she attempted to ask her father if they could go on a hover cruise, on the same day he was awaiting the arrival of Commander Pyre of the First Order. Doza promised Torra they could go on the cruise in three and a half hours, and had 4D-M1N lock her in her room for her own safety. Torra first had the droid take out her pet Voorpak, Buggles, on the premise that the animal might have an accident indoors, and then snuck out, having deduced the passcode.[14]

Buggles betrayed Torra's presence in the hallway to the droid, but then urinated on the floor, allowing Torra to escape as 4D had to clean up the mess. Exiting Doza Tower via the delivery door, Torra ran into Xiono, who was attempting to sneak in with BB-8, headfirst, and persuaded him to come along with her to the Colossus marketplace. There, Torra took an interest in the wares of one antiques vendor's stall, but decided not to buy anything after the vendor attempted to raise the price of the object she'd been looking at fourfold, from five to twenty credits. She was then recognized and swarmed by a crowd of upset Colossus residents demanding to know what Captain Doza was doing about recent events, including cancelled races, so Xiono helped her escape from the questions.[14]

Alone in a quieter section of the marketplace, Torra talked with Xiono about her loneliness, and, upon some questions from him, told him about her father possibly making a deal with the First Order to protect the station from pirates. When Xiono heard that Torra owned Flight Simulator Squadron, the latest flight simulator game, he suggested they go and play it, seeing it as a ticket into the tower. Torra thought she should get back before the First Order arrived, but the arrival of Pyre's shuttle overhead made that impossible. She snuck herself, Xiono and BB-8 back into the tower, and the three avoided various security droids.[14]

Doza and Xiono attempted to pass through the trash incinerator, unaware its system was active.

Arriving in one of the rooms of the Aces' Lounge, where the other four Aces were relaxing, Torra was questioned by Fenris and Griff Halloran, who both wanted to know about why her father had cancelled races. After Xiono had an encounter with Jace Rucklin, who had an irrational grudge against him due to the loss of his racer, which had been Rucklin's fault, Torra took Xiono off to her quarters. On the way there, they witnessed Pyre and Doza talking in the corridor, with Pyre giving Doza a datapad. Xiono attempted to head for Doza's office, but Torra pulled him away, telling him he was going the wrong direction. In her quarters, Torra and Xiono played Flight Simulator Squadron for a bit, before Xiono and BB-8 were forced to hide when 4D-M1N entered. When the astromech was spotted by 4D, Torra had to talk her family's droid down from attack mode, allowing Xiono the opportunity to slip out behind 4D's back. BB-8 then departed as well.[14]

Torra later heard that Xiono had apparently snuck into her father's office, and arrived there just in time to prevent Doza from opening the closet where Xiono was hiding. She told her father that the Aces wanted to talk to him about the cancelled races, as they had a right to know, and the two left, with Torra looking uncomfortable, allowing Xiono to exit the closet without being discovered. He had snuck in to copy the datapad's contents onto a memory stick. Torra later tracked down Xiono and BB-8 in the hallway, telling Xiono she knew how to get him out of the tower, if he explained to her what he was doing in Doza's office. Xiono offered to explain at Aunt Z's Tavern, and Torra led him to a secret exit without security droids: the door to the trash incinerator.[14]

Xiono was incredulous upon discovering their location, but Torra was confident of the safety, as the incinerator was only activated every three days. However, she had miscalculated the days, and the incinerator was indeed active. She and Xiono were forced to dodge laser bolts from the incinerator as BB-8 raced to open the door. After they exited, Torra asked Kaz if he was a spy. Kaz tried to laugh it off but she revealed to him that her father had discovered Xiono had been a New Republic pilot. His claim that he had quit the job to become a racer failed to convince her, and the two parted ways. Shortly after she returned to her room, Torra was met by her father, who told her to get ready for the promised hover cruise. Torra wondered who, exactly, Xiono was.[14]

The Holodarts game[]

Torra Doza attended a holodarts game at Aunt Z's Tavern with Xiono and his Team Fireball friends. During the game, Xiono missed all three attempts during his round. Bucket managed to hit the target during the first two attempts but the third holodart pierced Xiono in the backside.[15]

Racing with Hype[]

During a race, Torra attempted to knock Hype from his position as the number-one ranked ace. Torra initially took the lead in her ship Blue Ace but burned her booster fuel early, allowing Hype to claim the lead and preserve his position as top racer.[16]

Averting disaster[]

While on one of their routine escort missions, Torra and her fellow Aces under the leadership of Hype managed to slow a rapidly descending freighter, saving the ship from crash-landing on the Colossus.[17]

Buggle's day with Kaz[]

Later, Torra got her friend Xiono to babysit her pet voorpak Buggles at Yeager's garage. However, the creature led Xiono on a chase through the garage. When Torra returned, she and Xino discovered that Buggles had gotten inside the cockpit of the racer Fireball and had turned on the ship's engines, alarming the two of them.[18]

Kaz's test flight[]

Torra raced Xiono, who was flying the Fireball during a test flight. Torra and Xiono circled the Colossus in their ships. While Torra's Blue Ace experienced no problems, Xiono lost control of the Fireball when the ship's throttle broke off. He managed to regain control of the Fireball but it soon fell apart after landing.[19]

The Bibo incident[]

During the "Bibo incident," Torra and her fellow Ace pilots flew in the defense of the Colossus but were unable to pierce the mother rokkna's thick hide. Fortunately, Neeku managed to end the attack by reuniting the mother, rokkna with her son, Bibo.[20]


In an effort to force Captain Doza to accept First Order protection, Commander Pyre ordered the Warbird gang to kidnap Torra Doza. The pirate leader Kragan Gorr assigned the undercover pirate Synara San with helping the pirates Valik and Drell get into the Colossus. Torra was socializing with her friends Kaz and Tam when Synara entered. Sensing Synara's weariness, Torra invited Synara, Kaz and Tam to her room in Doza Tower for a game of Drone-Blaster. Synara took advantage of her visit to study the structure and layout of Doza Tower.[21]

Later that evening, Torra stumbled upon a meeting between her father and Commander Pyre, who was trying to convince the former to accept a First Order security detail. Captain Doza refused on the grounds that he already had security droids. Torra was unnerved by the faceless Commander Pyre, who wore a gold helmet and armor. After Torra left, Pyre sought to persuade her father to accept First Order protection but Doza refused.[21]

With the help of Synara, Drell, and Valik infiltrated Doza Tower, disabling the security droids. Torra was playing a game of Drone-Blaster in her room when she was grabbed by Drell. Drell and Valik escaped with Torra on speeder bikes. A conflicted Synara warned Kaz about Torra's kidnapping and he alerted Captain Doza, who dispatched Ace Squadron after the pirates. Torra's captors loaded her onto a skiff, which traveled to the pirates' sail barge Galleon. Torra remained defiant to her captors and told them that her father was sending Ace Squadron after her.[21]

Kaz pursued the pirates' skiff in the Fireball but the pirates managed to reach the Galleon with the captive Torra. Shortly later, Major Vonreg arrived aboard the Galleon in an Upsilon-class command shuttle. Instead of paying the pirates, Vonreg shot two pirates and rescued Torra. Major Vonreg informed Captain Doza and the Aces about Torra's "rescue" and returned her to her father. Major Vonreg then reiterated the First Order's "protection offer."[21]

Enduring the Occupation[]

Following Torra Doza's kidnapping, Captain Doza allowed the First Order to occupy the Colossus and establish a military garrison.[22] Torra was in her room playing with Buggles when several stormtroopers including a disguised Kaz walked past. Torra was perplexed when Kaz, who was impersonating CS-515 walked past her.[23]

Later, her father sent Torra to her room while he met with the garrison Commander Pyre who forced the elder Doza to cancel all races on the Colossus. Torra and the other Aces were present when Captain Doza broke the news to them. Her fellow Ace Hype was so enraged that he confronted several stormtroopers impounding his racer Green Ace and was imprisoned.[24]

Unaware of Hype's whereabouts, Torra sought her friend Kaz's help in find Hype. Torra was present with Kaz and his friends in Aunt Z's Tavern when a stormtrooper patrol visited and claimed that Hype had left the Colossus and gone offworld. Torra did not believe that her friend would have left without saying goodbye. With the help of Kaz and CB-23, Torra infiltrated Hype's hangar and discovered that his racer was still there; exposing the First Order's lie.[24]

Returning to Aunt Z's Tavern, Torra and Kaz discovered that Aunt Z had also "disappeared" after speaking out against the First Order. The two friends and CB-23 then returned to Yeager's garage. They found Yeager meeting with Captain Doza, who revealed that the First Order was detaining dissidents in the West Docks. Working together, Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 managed to free Hype, Aunt Z, Nod, and Grevel who escaped offworld in a First Order shuttle.[24]

After Commander Pyre and his stormtroopers raided Yeager's repair station, Torra told her dad that they could not keep on pretend to comply with the First Order. Doza agreed and said that they needed to contact the New Republic. Torra was present when Captain Pyre informed the Dozas about the raid on Yeager's garage, the escape of most of Team Fireball and the arrest of Tam Ryvora. Later, Torra was present when her dad received a message from Kaz's droid CB-23, telling them to submerge the Colossus as part of their plan to contact the Republic. Captain Doza complied and sealed the city's hatches. This allowed Kaz to contact the Resistance, but Yeager was captured.[24]

Taking back the Colossus[]

When Commander Pyre arrested Captain Doza for conspiring against the First Order and ordered the arrests of the remaining Aces, Torra managed to hide and send Buggles to find Kaz, who had become the leader of the Colossus resistance. Buggles found Kaz and CB-23 and led them to the trapdoor where Torra was hiding. Torra enlisted Kaz and CB-23's help in freeing her father and Yeager from their cells in Doza Tower.[5]

While navigating through the First Order–occupied Colossus, the trio encountered the First Order BB-series astromech droid MB-13A, who tried to report them to the First Order. Following a struggle, CB-23 managed to push MB-13A down an elevator shaft. Reaching Doza Tower, the trio encountered a stormtrooper whom Kaz managed to stun. Before they could continue further into the cells, the three watched as a group of stormtroopers gathered to watch a broadcast of General Armitage Hux announcing the First Order's preemptive attack on the New Republic, followed by the Hosnian Cataclysm.[5]

Kaz was distraught by the destruction of his homeworld but Torra comforted him, urging him to carry on. Together, they freed Captain Doza and Yeager from their cells. After freeing them, Torra, Kaz, and CB-23 worked with Neeku to flush stormtroopers out of the Colossus' corridors by flushing them into the sea. These losses convinced Commander Pyre and First Order Security Bureau Agent Tierny to abandon the Colossus.[25]

After flushing out the First Order, Torra accompanied Kaz and CB-23 to the top of Doza Tower. Kaz and Yeager attempted to convince Tam Ryvora not to join the First Order. However, Tam was , still angry with Kaz and Yeager for keeping secrets from her and chose to leave with Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny. Torra, Kaz and CB-23 were surrounded by four stormtroopers but CB-23 released oil, causing the stormtroopers to fall onto the deck.[25]

As Neeku and his team fired up the Colossus' engines and took the station into space, Torra joined Kaz and Yeager in unlocking the hangar bays so that the Aces could launch their fighters against Major Vonreg's squadron. Ace Squadron, Kaz, and Yeager engaged the First Order in a dogfight as the Colossus rose into Castilon's upper atmosphere. Having reached space, the Aces returned to the Colossus as Neeku took the ship into hyperspace. Following the escape from Castilon, Torra joined the rest of Team Colossus in gazing into the hyperspace tunnel.[25]

Mission to Celsor 3[]

Following the Battle of Castilon and the skirmish over D'Qar, Torra undertook a mission to Celsor 3 along with Kaz, assigned to them by her father and Aunt Z after the Warbird gang's attempt failed. The two were tasked with hunting a Jakoosk in order to feed the residents of the Colossus, who were running low on food and supplies and planning to leave.[26]

Fuel refinery on Drahgor III[]

In order to secure fuel for the Colossus, Torra, alongside Orka, Flix, Kaz, and CB-23, traveled to Flix's homeworld of Drahgor III. Located on the planet was a Drahgor III fuel refinery owned by Flix's cousins, one of which, Flanx, was the head of the refinery. Torra landed roughly on the planet after being unable to navigate through a heavy storm in the atmosphere. After a small argument in which the cousins deny them fuel, Flix claims that he is entitled to a portion of the fuel as he is a member of the family.[27]

As the Gozzo's mining drill was broken, Kaz offered to help fix it in exchange for fuel. Flanx agreed on the condition that Kaz must bring all of his friends down there as well, including Torra. The group descended down below into the mine, seeing shadows in the fog underneath the surface along the way. On the way down, a loose piece of debris landed on their lift, causing it slide deeper into the mine. Torra and Orka managed to climb onto the tracks, however the others remained in the lift.[27]

Torra and Orka painstakingly made their way up the railway until reaching the top, exhausted. Orka notified the other Gozzos that Flix and Flanx were in trouble, and that the pair needed to take the shuttle to go rescue them. The Gozzos were reluctant to hand over the shuttle, however Orka persisted, causing the Gozzos to give in and lend them the shuttle. Torra was impressed by Orka's courage during the situation, and told him so once entering the shuttle.[27]

Upon reentering the mine, the two shined a light from the shuttle onto the rest of the group, revealing the family of Karnex dragons attacking them. The light scared the dragons back into the hole where they came from, and Torra flew the ship down to the others to pick them up. On the surface, Flanx announced to his workers that they would no longer practice deep-core drilling as it would further agitate the dragons.[27]

Supply run on Ashas Ree[]

Torra accompanied two other ace pilots, Kaz and Freya, to the near-uninhabited planet of Ashas Ree in order to gather supplies at a trading outpost. Upon arrival, the group noticed that the outpost was completely deserted. The trio split up, and Kaz follows Kel and Eila, who he had previously sneaked on board the ship, into a Jedi temple. Torra and Freya continue to load supplies onto the shuttle as Kaz, CB-23, Kel, and Eila descend further into the temple.[28]

As the pair were loading supplies onto the shuttle, they attempted to call Kaz on his comlink, getting no response in return. An alert sounded inside of the shuttle, notifying the two pilots of incoming ships. Freya asked Torra if her father ordered for additional ships to assist them, but quickly realized that he did not.[28]

Torra and Freya, along with their droids, were captured shortly after by First Order Raiders who were in search of the Sith artifact that was located in the temple on the planet. In possession of the relic is Mika Grey, who was trapped inside of the temple prior to Kaz and the children rescuing her. Once exiting the temple, the group was captured by the stormtroopers as well, except for Mika. She stood atop of a building, getting the troopers attention before detonating the Sith artifact and throwing it at them, ordering the members of the Colossus to run. The blast from the Sith artifact electrocuted the troops, allowing for their escape.[28]

Personality and traits[]

Despite Imanuel's concern for his daughter's safety, Torra enjoyed her life as a starfighter pilot, both in racing and combat.

Torra Doza was an adolescent human female who had brown hair, dark gray eyes, and tan skin. She was fifteen years old[2] during the latter months of the New Republic.[4]

Much of Torra Doza's time was spent in the cockpit of a starship, causing her to develop a sense of flair and competitiveness as a racer. She was an audaciously bold and thrill-seeking pilot,[2] willing to both defend the Colossus station and participate in its racing events.[4] She was very energetic, possessing the eagerness of a teenager, yet was also exceptionally able.[2] She favored speed as a pilot, and therefore, no expense was spared to ensure that her starfighter, the Blue Ace, was a state-of-the-art ship noted for its aerodynamic design.[9] She was also very compassionate, being sure to be one of the first to greet Xiono after he woke up from his crash during their race.[4] Additionally, she was perceptive, realizing that Xiono kept secrets from her.[29]

While Torra lived a life of luxury, she craved for the freedom to be a teenager rather than being an Ace pilot tasked with protecting the Colossus. Aside from her passion for flying and racing starships, Doza yearned for companionship, having been raised in an isolated household by a doting and somewhat overprotective father. As a result, she ultimately formed a friendship with Kazuda Xiono, a fellow pilot with similar interests.[2] She also harbored a desire to impress her father.[29]


Imanuel Doza[]

Torra had a close and loving relationship with her father, Imanuel Doza. Imanuel could be protective at times, sometimes keeping her from joining her fellow Aces on patrol mission. The two spent quality time together with Imanuel once taking his daughter out on a hover cruise.[14] Torra, her father, and mother would meet once a year on Torra's birthday to spend time as a family.[7]

Venisa Doza[]

Torra had a closed relationship with her mother, Venisa Doza who left her and her father six years prior to the Hosnian Cataclysm in order to join the Resistance. Torra missed her mother and the family made arrangements to meet once a year on Torra's birthday. Torra was distraught when her mother was unable to meet up on her 16th birthday as a result of First Order interference. However, Kaz and the Aces cheered her up, providing her with an honorary family.[7]

Synara San[]

Torra was also kind-hearted and took pity on Synara San, who under duress betrayed her trust by helping to facilitate her kidnapping. However, a guilt-ridden Synara informed Kaz and her father, Captain Doza, who dispatched Ace Squadron to rescue her.[21]

Skills and abilities[]

Torra Doza was a skilled pilot, both in racing and combat.

"I'm an Ace pilot. I've battled pirates and marauders."
―Torra Doza, on her abilities[14]

Though the youngest member of Ace Squadron, Torra Doza was a highly skilled starship pilot[2] who could fly and compete with some of the best-known pilots in the galaxy.[4] Due to her skills, she was both a daring pilot and a competitive racer.[2]


Torra Doza wore a blue jumpsuit with a white and orange harness.[11] She owned a blue racer called the Blue Ace.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

"You get her into a ship and, man, she will just, like, blow you out of the water."
Brandon Auman, on Torra Doza[30]

Torra Doza first appeared in "The Recruit," the first episode of the first season of Star Wars Resistance. The episode was directed by Steward Lee and Saul Ruiz, written by Brandon Auman,[4] and first aired on October 7, 2018.[31] She is voiced by Myrna Velasco.[32] She was designed by Lucasfilm Animation senior concept designer Amy Beth Christenson.[33]

Torra's parka in the episode "Hunt on Celsor 3" was also designed by Christenson, who wanted to pay homage to the crew jackets worn behind the scenes during the filming of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. Ultimately, the parka was inspired by the jacket Princess Leia Organa wore in Echo Base towards the beginning of the aforementioned film. The fur on the parka's hood was made to resemble Buggles' fur.[34]

Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo has noted that Doza's racer Blue Ace participates in the Battle of Exegol in the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, though he does not state that Doza herself was flying the vessel.[35]


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