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"Why are they doing this?"
"They never even asked me any questions."
―Leia Organa and Han Solo[src]

Han Solo being tortured

Torture was a means of punishment, or interrogation through causing physical pain. Darth Vader was adept at it: even as a Jedi, he Force choked Poggle the Lesser to gain information on killing the brain worms.[1] He once tortured Han Solo so his pain would reverberate through the Force and draw out Luke Skywalker.[2]

It was considered wrong to torture a prisoner, but it was a practice used in the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[3] Galactic Empire,[2] and First Order.[4]

The Galactic Empire used interrogator droids equipped with mind probes to torture subjects, though they proved futile against resilient subjects like Leia Organa.[5]

After the New Republic supplanted the Empire, the new government enacted anti-torture laws, which did not prevent the First Order from secretly developing a new model of interrogator droid.[6]

The Tusken Raider nomads of Tatooine practiced ritual torture of captives.[7]

Kylo Ren used the Force to torture Poe Dameron for the piece of map that led to Luke Skywalker.[4]



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