Torvon was a male of an unknown humanoid species whose features included a shiny forehead split into brain-increasing hemispheres, pupilless pale green eyes, and size that had a Sullustan's shoulders come only to his kneecaps. He was Second Administrator to Nien Nunb on Kessel in 23 ABY, and had been involved in six other productive businesses. However, he was actually in the employ of Black Sun, and was accidentally killed in his attempt on Nunb's life.

At a newly installed carbon-freezing facility in the main processing center, Nunb and Torvon examined some pressure gauges and pipes of flowing raw carbonite on their weekly inspection tour. Nunb became concerned with the pressure gauges being too high, but instead of decreasing the pressure as expected, Torvon increased it, causing one pipe to start buckling from the strain. The alarmed Nunb dived into a protected cranny between two huge pieces of equipment. Nunb yelled to Torvon to get clear of the pipe when he stepped to the cranny, but he instead reached in and tried to drag Nunb out by the vest, who realized that Torvon meant to pull him directly into the path of the pipe.

However, the potential murderer had miscalculated how high he had put the pressure, and the pipe burst too soon with his legs right in the way. He howled in shock, and with his feet frozen to the floor he tried tugging at his feet to move away. This only caused his lower legs, frozen and brittle, to shatter, and he fell face-first into the blast of leaking carbonite. His head and body core froze solid instantly as he passed through the leak, and smashed into a million glittering pieces when he hit the stone floor.