The Toscan 8-Q starfighter was the base model of the Toscan Multipurpose Fighter (or Toscan MPF), a starfighter manufactured by Shobquix Yards long before the Clone Wars. During the Galactic Civil War, it was almost obsolete.


The basic Toscan 8-Q was equipped only with a Class 2 hyperdrive, low-powered shields, basic nav computer, life support for a single pilot, and a basic weapon package consisting of two laser cannons, leaving ample room for improvements. The cockpit design was produced by Koensayr Manufacturing and was ultimately used in Koensayr's own BTL Y-wing starfighter.[2]


Shobquix Yards designed the Toscan 8-Q as an open-frame starfighter for other shipyards to modify in order to fill various starfighter roles, with both Shobquix and the entity that finished the Toscan profiting. The limited stock components and open frame provided extensive space for heavier weapon systems, maneuvering thrusters, additional crew or cargo capacity, or any other improvements desired by the finishing yard.[2]


The Toscan Multipurpose Fighter was designed well before the Clone Wars[2] and was one of Shobquix Yards' few production-model starfighters.[1] Expecting large sales volume to shipyards wanting to use their open-frame starfighter for their own projects, Shobquix produced the Toscan spaceframe in substantial numbers. However, Shobquix's idea was flawed; most shipyards preferred to design their starfighter frames from the ground up; and the final cost of a customized Toscan, with respect to the finished craft's capabilities, wound up being too high after both Shobquix and the customizing yard both took their due profits. The program wound up a horrible failure, with only few hundred Toscans being bought by various shipyards as test vehicles. The rest were sold at a markdown to private buyers, who typically lacked the resources of a full shipyard and therefore could rarely explore the full potential of the vessel, though they could frequently add cargo and passenger capacity.[2]

One of the shipyards that did buy Toscans as a testing platform was Sienar Fleet Systems, who upgunned the starfighter into a gunship in order to test systems incorporated into the Skipray Blastboat. These Toscans were equipped with quad laser cannons and dual ion cannons,[2] as well as a concussion missile launcher with an 8-missile payload.[3] These Sienar-modified Toscans were more resilient than the Incom T-65C-A2 X-wing starfighter, though slower, and had maneuverability that fell in between the X-wing and the less-maneuverable Slayn & Korpil B-wing starfighter.[3]

Although obsolete in times of the Galactic Empire, the Toscan 8-Q served as a capable member of many pirate forces and private defense fleets, especially in less-developed areas of the galaxy, particularly the Outer Rim, Wild Space, and the Unknown Regions. The m'Yalfor'ac Order made use of some customized Toscan 8-Q fighters, where the hyperdrive was removed to improve speed and firepower, as was reported by the Task Force on Alliance Security in 2 ABY[1] as well as in a follow-up report from Commander Zgorth'sth of the New Republic Department of Threat Assessment following the final death of Emperor Palpatine.[4] They were in use in the region of the Sisar Run, and could be seen in the space around the refueling station Nwarcol Point. Around two dozen Toscan 8-Q fighters were employed by Kilon Tarlok to serve as the defense force of Terman Station.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The ship was originally called the "Tocsan 8-Q starfighter" in Alliance Intelligence Reports,[1] but all but one subsequent source refer to the ship as "Toscan."[6][4][3][7][2] The exception, Secrets of the Sisar Run, instead refers to the vessel as the "Tocsan Q-8 starfighter."[5]

A "Toscan Fighter" with a virtually identical external appearance appears in the computer game Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, but it has significantly heavier weaponry consisting of quad laser cannons and dual ion cannons and is described as an "advanced space superiority fighter" produced by Sienar Fleet Systems.[3] This inconsistency is explained in The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide as Sienar using Shobquix-built frames to create a gunship model to test out several of the systems later used in the Skipray Blastboat.[2]



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