"We can safely ignore these contemptible little fur-balls."
―Captain Toss, on the Ewoks.[src]

Captain Toss was the commanding officer of Imperial Survey Team IX3244-B. During his team's search for a suitable world to build the shield generator which would protect the Death Star II during construction, he came across the forest moon of Endor.[1]

Orbital scans revealed that Endor was capable of sustaining Human life, which together with the Endor system's remote location fulfilled Darth Vader's requirements for the construction site. The survey also revealed the presence of sentient, though technologically primitive, life—a people later known throughout the galaxy as the Ewoks. Standard Imperial procedure for Survey Teams required that the natives be investigated up close. Toss sent a team led by his second-in-command, a planetologist named Lieutenant Kiviett, down to the surface to observe the Ewoks. Even before Kiviett's expedition was sent to the surface, however, Toss was preparing a holoreport claiming that the natives were no threat, and that Endor met all of Lord Vader's requirements.[1]

When Kiviett returned to the survey frigate, reporting that the Ewoks had led his team in circles through the Endor woods, and prevented them from getting close to one of their settlements, Toss dismissed his report, unwilling to believe that the Ewoks could cause any problems. He even ignored his subordinate's recommendation of forest camouflage for any Imperial garrison on Endor. Kiviett later expressed the opinion that Toss's desire to quickly take credit for discovering the site for the Death Star II's construction led him to cut corners and ignore any possible problems with Endor.[1]

Though Toss's survey did lead to Endor's selection as the Death Star II's construction site, Emperor Palpatine was personally displeased with the sketchy report. This led to a second expedition under Sergeant Pfilbee Jhorn to gather more detailed information. Jhorn was also displeased with Toss's rushed report, which failed to mention the presence of such dangers as Gorax, condor dragons, and Sanyassan Marauders.[2]

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