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The Totem Master's ring was a powerful object that granted the user the ability to enslave others to their will. Additionally, the ring had the power to turn individuals into blocks of wood. The Totem Master, a thief on the forest moon of Endor was the only known user of this device, and he used it to create a small group of slaves that aided him in robbing villages. To hide his servants, the Totem Master arranged his slaves into a totem pole, which he gave to unsuspecting villages. The ring was then used to split up the totem pole, and the slaves went to ransack the village. During a showdown with Ewoks from Bright Tree Village, the Totem Master fired his ring at a mirror held by Wicket W. Warrick, which rebounded upon him. When the beam from the ring hit the Totem Master, he was turned into a large block of wood. As an unmovable object, the ring slipped from the Totem Master's fingers and shattered into several small pieces on the ground.


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