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«The study of the natural ways involves many years of the strictest devotion. Terrible things can happen to a young wizard who foolishly misuses his knowledge. You must be willing to spend long hours doing the simplest tasks before you're ready to work your first spells.»
―The Ewok shaman Logray explains the dangers of totem magic to his apprentice, Teebo[src]

Totem magic was a means of using the Force employed by various sentients on Dathomir and on the Forest Moon of Endor. With little to no contact with users of other Force traditions, such as the Jedi Order, Force-users on the moon came to rely on physical objects to help them access the Force.[1]

Types of totem magic practiced on Endor included Dulok sorcery, Ewok shamanism, and Gupin magic. Despite superficial differences between these disciplines, their underlying mechanics were the same.[1]

Practitioners of totem magic sometimes employed Force artifacts to help magnify their natural Force abilities. Examples of these relics on Endor included the Season scepter, the Shadowstone, and the Sunstar.[1]

A form of totem magic was also used by the Nightsisters of Dathomir, who were known to craft small idols representing someone they wished to inflict harm on, and, with great effort and expenditure of spirit ichor, suffuse them with the life energy of the victim through a strand of hair and a roiling cauldron containing the "waters of life." By pricking the totem with needles or even throwing it in a boiling cauldron, they could transfer the pain through the "spirits" to the victim it represented.[2] During the Separatist attack on the Nightsisters during the Clone Wars, Mother Talzin used this technique against Count Dooku, a lock of whose hair she kept.[3]



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