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The Totem Master's Totem Pole.

Wicket: "Ee che wa wa! A Totem pole!"
Kneesaa: "Wicket! We're not supposed to take things from creatures we don't know!"
Totem Master: "Aah, but all the really great warriors have totem poles. It helps them to protect their villages from the forces of evil."
Wicket: "I'll take it!"
Kneesaa: "Wicket!"
Totem Master: "A wise decision, my young friend. Farewell!"
―The Totem Master gives Wicket the cursed totem pole despite Kneesaa's warnings.[src]

A totem pole was a large wooden column made up of sculptures of various creatures which sat atop one another. The Totem Master claimed that villages on the forest moon of Endor made use of totem poles as symbolic safeguards against the forces of evil. The Lizard Warriors of the Valley of the Lizard Warriors used totem poles to mark the boundaries of their land, but whether they were also meant to ward off evil spirits was unknown.

The totem pole that the Totem Master would bring from village to village was actually made up of real beings, who the he had enslaved through the use of a magic ring. When pointing his ring at other creatures, the Totem Master could fire a bolt of energy which would change the creature into a solid block of wood. After stacking his slaves on top of each other, the Totem Master could claim that the structure was nothing more than a simple totem pole and not his unwilling slaves. The creatures that made up the Totem Master's totem pole included a green arthropod, a blue biped, and a brown biped. The Totem Master would leave his totem pole with unsuspecting villagers, and when night fell, his Totem Slaves would break from the pole and proceed to ransack their village.


The Totem Master is turned into a totem pole.

Following a robbery of Bright Tree Village, the Totem Master added two more to his totem pole, the Ewoks, Teebo and Latara. After bringing his totem pole to the next village, the Strutter's, the Totem Master was attacked by the Ewoks, Wicket Wystri Warrick and Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka, who had come to rescue their friends. In an ensuing chase, the Totem Master accidentally turned himself into a totem, which removed his spell and freed his slaves.


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