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The Totem slaves were a group of sapient beings on the forest moon of Endor whom the Totem Master had enslaved through the power of a magical ring.

The magical ring allowed the Totem Master to disguise the Totem slaves as a totem pole; at night, he would reanimate them and use them to rob the inhabitants of the moon. Although this group initially only had three members, a blue biped, a marsupial ape, and a green arthropod, the Totem Master was able to add new members by hypnotizing them with his ring. The young Ewoks, Latara and Teebo were both made into slaves in this manner, increasing the height of the totem pole. The Totem slaves were eventually released when Wicket Wystri Warrick turned the Totem Master himself into a totem pole, which caused the ring to be destroyed. The destruction of the ring caused the spell to be broken forever.


The Totem Slaves are released upon the destruction of the Totem Master's ring.


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