"I will not postpone my garden party simply because Talmont cannot deal with a small insurrection. I will handle it tomorrow."
―Tour Aryon[1]

Tour Aryon was the Human female who served as governor of the desert planet Tatooine under the Galactic Empire. She was a native from Treylon II.


"The capitol has been very active recently with the news of the new election. I have a new project that I'm heading and have chosen two eligible candidates to work with me. However, to avoid the show of unfair favoritism, I have left it to the people of Bestine to select the politician who best represents them."
―Tour Aryon[3]

Tour married Kant Aryon in 4 BBY. She was a fashionable woman and made many cultural contributions to Tatooine. Bestine, the only habitation on Tatooine with a museum, was where she imported all of her expensive entertainment goods. She mostly stayed in the Bestine Settlement, avoiding Mos Eisley, which she despised. She compared the residents of Mos Eisley to beings of lower class like barbarians and farmers. Tour was a very intelligent woman.

After Imperial Prefect Orun Depp was assassinated by the assassin droid IG-72, Governor Tour replaced him with Eugene Talmont.[1]

Tour was apparently affiliated with the Secret Order of the Empire. She cooperated with Sariss, who worked for the Order as a spy codenamed "Prophetess" while on Tatooine.[source?]

When Darth Vader sent his own stormtroopers to the surface of Tatooine to search for R2-D2 and C-3PO, Tour objected, insisting that her own troops could handle it. When Vader was informed of her objections, he did not care.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Quick-witted, the Governor was able to manage situations with skill and talent. Many would have compared her to a General in the way she inspected her troops. Her objective was to keep Tatooine quiet and peaceful.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The scenes where Imperial Chief Moradmin Bast and Vader discussed Aryon's objections were cut from the final film of A New Hope, but were used for The Star Wars Holiday Special, albeit with altered dialogue in which Vader and a Bast look-alike discussed finding Chewbacca and Han Solo on Kashyyyk.



Aryon in 1 ABY


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