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Warning! This page contains spoilers from the episodes "Night" and "The Acolyte" of The Acolyte. Caution is advised.

"He doesn't follow the rules of combat."
Yord Fandar, on "the Stranger's" fighting style[1]

Tràkata[3] was a style of lightsaber combat that involved turning the blade of the saber on and off during a fight. A skilled saber wielder who did not follow the traditional rules of lightsaber combat, the Sith known as "the Stranger" used Tràkata while fighting a group of Jedi on Khofar[1] in 132 BBY.[4] The Stranger later used Tràkata again, during his rematch against Jedi Master Sol on Brendok, and Sol himself also employed the technique in order to destroy the Stranger's lightsaber, which allowed him to win the duel.[2]


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