"What was that?"
"Want to place an advanced order? MandalMotors calls it the Tra'kad—the StarSaber."
Jaina Solo and a Mandalorian[src]

The Tra'kad was a Mandalorian Protector starship introduced in 40 ABY, meant to complement the Bes'uliik. It was a slow, heavily-armored ship described as a "flying tank", the main uses of which were in assault, troop insertion and extraction, and fire support.

Developed by MandalMotors as part of a deal made with the Verpine after the discovery of a new vein of the nearly indestructible Mandalorian iron on Mandalore. Armed with six cannon turrets mounted on the top and lower hull, as well as on each corner, and rotating modular weapon platforms on the top, the vessel had no blind spots as the weapons' arcs of fire overlapped each other. The weapons could be operated manually with gearwheels, just as the rest of the ship.

The Tra'kad was very low-tech, much to the Verpines' dislike. It did, however, make it more appealing to the Mandalorians, as it could function temporarily on zero-power. This was helpful at the Second Battle of Fondor, where they could remain undetected among space debris and other destroyed spacecraft, forming a perfect backup for the main attack on Bloodfin.

The name Tra'kad is of Mandalorian origin and roughly translates to "StarSaber".



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