"For those of you who just arrived, I will explain this only once. Although in truth, I shouldn't have to explain it at all. Your own Force sensitivity ought to be sufficient for you to realize that we're dealing with an unforeseen development at the academy—a chain of events that, at this point, is still unclear."
―Master Traan, to a convocation of Sith students[src]

Traan was a Human male who served as a Master in the Sith Order under the banner of the reconstituted Sith Empire. In 3645 BBY, Traan was serving as an instructor at the Sith academy on the frozen planet of Odacer-Faustin under the direction of the Sith Lord Darth Scabrous. That year, one of Lord Scabrous's alchemical experiments resulted in the creation of a virus that killed living flesh and reanimated the deceased. When an infected student escaped Scabrous's tower and began to spread the disease, Traan and the academy's other Masters sensed a disturbance in the Force and decided to suspend normal instruction until the issue passed. Traan informed the students of the choice during a short convocation, but the decision ultimately did little good—the disease quickly claimed the lives of the entirety of the student body as well as those of the academy's leaders.


"As a precaution, we are suspending all lessons and drills until further notice. Evening meal will be served as usual. Otherwise you are to return to your dorms for private study and await further instructions. One of the Masters will be in contact when our course of action changes."
―Traan, outlining the plan of action during the crisis[src]

Traan was a Force-sensitive Human male[1] alive during the Great Galactic War and the resultant period of political unrest.[3] During this time, he was a member of the Sith Order and eventually rose to become a Master of the Sith ways.[1] The Great War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire came to a close in 3653 BBY,[4] at which point the Imperial leadership chose to not only maintain their output of Sith warriors and leaders, but to increase it.[5] In the first decade following the war, Traan served as instructor at the Sith academy on the chilly world of Odacer-Faustin, where he cultivated new generations of dark side adepts. Alongside his contemporaries, including Sith Blademaster Shak'Weth and Sith Combat Master Xat Hracken, Traan's lessons were overseen by the reclusive Sith Lord Darth Scabrous.[1]

In 3645 BBY, Scabrous was experimenting with Sith alchemy in an effort to create an immortality-granting elixir. The Sith Lord's plan backfired and ultimately resulted in a virus that caused necrosis in living flesh and reanimated the corpses of the deceased. When a student carrying the disease escaped Darth Scabrous's tower and began to spread the infection, the academy's staff and student body experienced a disturbance in the Force. The Masters collectively decided that the unknown events causing the disturbance were a significant threat, and so chose to suspend normal instructional activities for the duration of the problem. Traan led a group of his students to a convocation that consisted of nearly all of the academy's acolytes, wherein he addressed the learners on the issue at hand. During his speech, he speculated that the academy may have fallen victim to some form of sabotage centered around Scabrous's tower, but regardless of the source of the disturbance, all students were to return to their dormitories until further notice. Despite the precautions of Odacer-Faustin's Sith Masters, the disease continued to spread throughout the student body, and eventually claimed the lives of the staff as well.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Most of you have already detected a disturbance in the normal daily routine. At this point, we suspect that the academy has been targeted by some form of sabotage, and that it may have spread outward from the tower."
―Traan explains the situation to his students[src]

Traan was a Sith Master, skilled in the darker aspects of the Force. By 3645 BBY, he had gray hair that he wore in a single braid, and he was considered to be an older man by Jedi fugitive Hestizo Trace. Traan's face was angular and hawk-like in structure, and his robes gave his silhouette the appearance of having wings. Traan spoke in sharp, flinty tones that projected easily and commanded attention from his pupils, who numbered in the hundreds.[1]

During the convocation called to inform the students on Odacer-Faustin of the apparent threat, Traan spoke to the entirety of the student body. The Sith Master spoke harshly, demanding silence and insinuating that it should be a pointless exercise to inform the acolytes of what they ought to already be aware, given their Force-sensitivity and training. He and the other Masters believed that the crisis was the result of outside tampering, but Trace detected uncertainty in his voice. Despite Traan's best efforts to mask his doubts, the Jedi Trace was able to see that he had no real understanding of the events at hand and certainly no control over them.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Traan's first and only appearance in Star Wars canon to date was 2010's horror novel, Red Harvest, authored by Joe Schreiber.


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