"We gave it a Rebel paint job. I never liked Imperial gray."
Tyr Taskeen to Brenn Tantor after capturing the TR-MB[src]

The Tracked Mobile Base (TR-MB) was a heavily armored Imperial prototype vehicle that could carry a commander and six stormtroopers into battle, and function as a mobile command center.

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The TR-MB was an extension of the project that created the Battlefield Holographic Control Interface. The BHCI was an advanced command-and-control interface that provided a commander with a full, interactive view of the battlefield from the security of an orbiting starship.

The TR-MB, introduced in 3 ABY, was a prototype ground unit that placed a BHCI in a mobile ground unit, closer to the battlefield. General Brenn Tantor, the foremost user of BHCI technology, made use of it during his final battle on Abridon when he destroyed a Rebel base and foiled Beri Tulon's attempt to defect. However, when ordered to destroy a refugee camp by Grand General Malcor Brashin, the supervisor of the BHCI project, Tantor refused. Brashin sent Tantor to Kalaan, where he was imprisoned. The TR-MB traveled with him.

With aid from several stormtroopers who had long served under him, Tantor escaped and defected to the Rebellion, taking the TR-MB with him. The Rebels modified it, adding a set of shields to the vehicle for extra protection. Tantor used the TR-MB as a mobile command post when rescuing Tulon from Tarkin Detention Facility on Ruul and his subsequent capture of the computer facility on Sounder Flats.

By that time, Rebel technicians had managed to reverse-engineer a BHCI unit for Tantor's use from orbit, which he preferred. Nevertheless, the TR-MB was later used when Tantor seized the shipyards of Sayan and destroyed the Imperial presence in the Abridon city.

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