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The Tracker I was a starfighter piloted by the Imperial Hunter droid M-OC, the Emperor Palpatine's secret project. He used this ship to ferry him across the galaxy during the hunt for Rowan Freemaker, who had stolen the Kyber Saber from the Emperor.


The Tracker I was a sleek, black starship with three large dagger shaped wings. When landing, the ship set on its rear. The Tracker I had a frontal cockpit, a hold, and a ramp for landing. The ship was also equipped with a long grappling arm for grabbing objects. The Tracker I was equipped with three frontal laser cannons that were embedded in its wings. The ship's owner M-OC also fitted a holoprojector in the brig which allowed him to communicate with his prisoner. Its metal hull could be sliced by lightsabers. However, the ship was capable of taking heavy damage.[2]

While the Tracker I was sleek and fast, it was no match for the Freemakers' ship Arrowhead.[5]


M-OC Droidography

The Tracker I's owner M-OC

The Tracker I was the personal, customized ship of the Imperial hunter droid M-OC. After receiving his orders from Emperor Palpatine to hunt down and capture the fugitive Rowan Freemaker, M-OC flew through the ceiling and entered his starship Tracker I. M-OC flew the Tracker I to the planet Tibalt, where the Freemakers and the Mon Calamari rebel starship builder Quarrie were scavenging for starship parts. A curious Rowan approached the shiny new ship and was grabbed by a grappling arm that threw him in the ship's brig.[2]

Having accomplished his mission, M-OC took off in the Tracker I and headed back to Coruscant. M-OC also used the holoprojector to contact Rowan and tell him that he had been sent by the Emperor to capture him. Rowan's siblings gave chase in the CT-900 freighter StarScavenger and fired on the Tracker I. Rowan managed to cut himself out of the starship's brig with his lightsaber and Force jumped into the StarScavenger. Realizing his quarry had escaped, M-OC gave chase and managed to shoot down the StarScavenger by damaging one of its engines.[2]

M-OC then fought with Rowan and attempted to maneuver him inside the Tracker I. However, Kordi Freemaker and Quarrie managed to send a wrecked starship crashing into M-OC and the Tracker I. The starship and its master were damaged but M-OC managed to survive to continue the hunt.[2] While traveling aboard the Tracker I, M-OC received a transmission from the Imperial probe droid XJ9-GM02 that the StarScavenger had been sighted above Alistan Nor's planet. M-OC traveled to the Force Builders' city of Alistan Nor aboard the Tracker I and fought Rowan.[3]

M-OC later traveled to the acidic world of Taul in the Tracker I and used the ship to destroy the Freemakers' Mini Scavenger.[6] While continuing his hunt for Rowan, M-OC found that the Freemakers' B1-series battle droid Roger's casserole recipe had been uploaded on the Imperial database near the planet Qalydon. M-OC then traveled on the Tracker I to Qalydon and fought the Freemakers.[4]

After the Freemakers escaped M-OC, the hunter droid pursued them on the Tracker I through space. The Freemakers managed to escaped on the StarScavenger onto a planet full of kyber crystals. M-OC attempted to give chase but was summoned back to Coruscant by the Emperor to explained his failure to capture Rowan and the Kyber Saber. M-OC managed to deflect blame onto his rival Darth Vader by pointing out that Vader had blocked his efforts to obtain an XX-23 S-thread tracker, which the Emperor duly supplied him with.[7]

M-OC managed to capture Rowan but was disintegrated by his rival Darth Vader, who captured Rowan.[8] After rebuilding himself, M-OC returned to Coruscant on the Tracker I to find the Freemakers devastating the Imperial forces with the starship Arrowhead. Realizing that the Tracker I was no match for the Arrowhead, M-OC paused the Tracker I in mid-air, allowing it to be destroyed by the Arrowhead's embersteel blade. However, M-OC managed to cling on to the Arrowhead and later captured it from Roger, claiming the starship for the Emperor.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tracker I concept art

Concept art of the Tracker I

The Tracker I first appeared in the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season Two episode "Trouble on Tibalt". Concept art of the ship and its owner M-OC was released during the Freemaker Adventures panel at Celebration Orlando on April 19, 2017.[9] Doug Chiang designed the Tracker I to resemble two daggers joined together. The show's co-creator Bob Roth described the Tracker I as an extension of M-OC, a new antagonist introduced in Season Two.[10]

The design is reminiscent of the TIE/ph phantom of the Legends continuity.[source?]



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