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Ayelixe/Krongbing Textiles's tracker utility vest was a sleeveless item of clothing that included several evenly-distributed pockets. A wearer—commonly a hunter or a guide—could carry up to 24 light tools and the design of the vest would reduce the effect of the load on him. The vest was made of leathery, hide material to resist rips, corrosion and water. It was readily available from the times of the Galactic Empire.

Description[edit | edit source]

The tracker utility vest was a simple[3] sleeveless garment.[1] It had several pockets, pouches and strap allowing the wearer to carry up to twenty-four individual items, each of them weighing up to one kilogram. Due to the nature of the garment, the total weight would be distributed evenly through the wearer's torso, reducing the real strain to her muscles. An empty vest weighed 0.5 kilograms.[2]

The tracker utility vest could be manufactured from several materials,[3] but it was commonly made from a naturally leathery and hard one[2] such as the hide of a Bantha.[1] That hide would then be treated so it can resist rips, tears and corrosion, and to be impermeable to both stains[2] and water.[3] The vest provided a slight amount of protection against damage, enough for it to be considered a light armor, and at the same time it rarely hampered the movements of the wearer.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

The tracker utility vest was designed by the Ayelixe/Krongbing Textiles company[1] to give comfort to hunters and guides needing to carry an amount of small tools. It was sold by 300 credits[2] from the times of the Galactic Empire up to the days of the New Republic.[1] Its sale was not restricted.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

First listed in Arms & Equipment Guide (2002), the vest included roleplaying rules to reduce the total amount of weight carried by a character, allowing her to avoid a penalization to her stats for excessive load. The rules were adapted to the Saga Edition Roleplaying Game in The Clone Wars Campaign Guide (2009).

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