The Tract of Makem Te was a large graveyard located on Makem Te. It was considered Makem Te's most famous feature, and was included in the list of the Twenty Wonders of the Galaxy by the historian Vicendi in his 10,000 BBY publication Arturum Galactinum.[1] Originally, the Tract, made of polished stone bases, was mistaken for an ice cap covering 10% of the planet's surface during the first orbital survey. However, it was actually an enormous necropolis.

Every Swokes Swokes that died on Makem Te was given a plate that was their final resting place. The process had been going on for a millennium and had produced 1.2 trillion memorial squares. The Tract was literally a checker-board of polished stone squares, each supported by a column called a stela.

Entry onto the Tract was expensive, usually running up to 500 credits. It was not only costly, but incredibly dangerous, as many supplicants who made pilgrimages across the Tract would die of sunstroke, dehydration, or schinga attack.



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