This article is about the Trade Federation Troop Transport used around the time of the Occupation of Karthakk. You may be looking for the Platoon Attack Craft, also called the Trade Federation troop carrier, used in events like the Invasion of Naboo.
"Another Troop Transport? Must've been a factory clearance sale or something!"

A Troop Transport in flight

The Trade Federation Troop Transport was a battle droid transport craft employed by the Trade Federation around the time of the Occupation of Karthakk.


"The Trade Federation has sent another Troop Transport for us to destroy."

The Troop Transport bore a resemblance to the Multi-Troop Transport used by the Federation, though with the addition of two fin-like wing protrusions on either side of the vessel's bow. It was used as a space-borne equivalent of the MTT. Troop Transports were often escorted by Scarab-class droid starfighters.


Trade Federation Troop Transports saw action prior to and likely during the Clone Wars. Leading up to the First Battle of Geonosis, several Troop Transports were dispatched to counter a Revenant raid on a Federation communications center on Maramere, and later to deliver reinforcements to Spacestation 1138 during Captain Orsai's escape.

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