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During the Republic Era, the Trade Federation maintained a military.[1] In addition to a fleet of starships, a major branch of the Federation military was its army of battle droids,[2] which let the Federation easily target planets that did not have a military force,[4] was used to back the economic might of the Federation, and gave them the ability to influence local politics.[1] The Federation also hid the true power of the Droid Army from the Galactic Senate.[5] During the Invasion of Naboo, the Federation blockaded the planet of Naboo with their Lucrehulk-class Battleships and deployed the army of droids[2] for the first time.[6]

The Federation military was defeated at Naboo. After the losing thousands of B1-series battle droid, Federation leaders researched concepts for an improved combat model, ultimately resulting in the B2-series super battle droid.[4] The Federation also began to build up its military. Prior to the Separatist Crisis, the Federation and other organizations secretly allied with Dooku, the Count of Serenno and a Sith Lord.[1] Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray pledged battle droids to Dooku's cause, the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[7] However, after Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi learned that Dooku was building a Droid Army with the Federation and other commerce guilds, the Galactic Republic deployed its new Grand Army of clone troopers to combat the CIS.[3]

During the ensuing Clone Wars, Senator Lott Dod claimed the Federation was neutral, but the Federation continued to do business with the Separatists[8] and secretly aided Dooku.[1] During the war, the Federation fleet blockaded Pantora to push the planet towards the Separatists.[9]

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