Trade Wins: The Ranat's Tale is a short story written by Rebecca Moesta for Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, which was published by Bantam Spectra in August 1995. The story is about Reegesk and takes place in 0 BBY.

Plot summary[]

Reegesk enters the Mos Eisley Cantina looking to trade away his items in his search for a power source for a bootleg vaporator his tribe is secretly building in order to have less dependence on moisture farmers. He finds customer in Het Nkik who, through the bartering process, shows a keen interest in the Ranat's Tusken battle talisman, examining it carefully with his hands. In return Reegesk wants Nkik's blaster. The Jawa, however, is reluctant to give up his weapon, carefully stating that he cannot afford the price of talisman until the following day but gives a deposit in credits after bartering a higher price than Reegesk expected.

Reegesk decides to hand the talisman over in the morning, but Nkik states that he needs that artifact that day; tomorrow he will pay rest of the agreed price and give the Ranat the pistol. Though arming Ranats in the Outer Rim Territories is illegal, the Jawa places the weapon down for Reegesk to inspect. As Reegesk touches the gun, the two are suddenly distracted by the sound of a blaster bolt from across the room and see Greedo slumped over a table. Reegesk agrees to the deal, bringing back Nkik's attention from the dead bounty hunter who then pulls the blaster away from the Ranat before leaving silently with confidence. Moments later, Reegesk exits the cantina content that he now has the perfect power supply for his tribe's vaporator, and pats the stolen power pack in his cloak.


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