"Well, good, good, good. Look around, browse around, make yourself at home... As you can see I've got just about everything a man or wookiee would want."
―Saun Dann[src]

Around 1 ABY, the Trading post Wookiee Planet C, run by the Human Saun Dann, was established on Kashyyyk—known as "Wookiee Planet C" by the Galactic Empire—in the vicinity of the capital city Rwookrrorro. In this shop, Dann sold many kinds of items, from pocket-sized aquariums with live fishes to high-tech groomers and mind evaporators. The trading post was also equipped with a monitor allowing Dann to communicate with a wall screen customers.[1]

The trading post's owner Saun Dann was secretly loyal to the Rebel Alliance, but he did not mind doing business with Imperials.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Trading post on computer-SWHS

The trading post designation appears on Mallatobuck's computer screen.

The trading post Wookiee Planet C was featured in Star Wars Holiday Special, a TV movie released on March 17 1978. The trading post's full designation was never spoken on-screen, but appeared on Mallatobuck's computer when the Wookiee tried to contact Saun Dann.[1]


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