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"Senator Meena Tills is believed to be among six hostages seized by an armed gang at Galactic City spaceport. Police have sealed off the area and all city traffic and interplanetary flights are being diverted. Expect long delays. More later."
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The Traffic Division was the Coruscant Security Force traffic police unit charged with monitoring the skylanes of Galactic City on the planet Coruscant. Patrol officers enforced speed limits and other traffic laws using police speeders[1] and assault ships.[2] They were armed only with an issue blaster but could contact Dispatch and summon a police cruiser backup unit if need be. Lieutenant Ia was a notable member of the division and enforced traffic regulations with a no-nonsense attitude.[1]

In 21 BBY,[source?] skylane traffic around the Galactic City Spaceport was diverted by police due to an ongoing hostage situation by Korunnai terrorists angry at the Galactic Republic.[3] In 40 ABY,[source?] the Traffic Division assisted the Galactic Alliance Guard with a raid in the Coruscant Jabi Town district against Corellians sympathetic to their homeworld's demand for independence. Later, it helped block traffic lanes during police actions against Corellian and Coruscanti who were rioting.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Traffic Divison first appeared as part of the biography of Lieutenant Ia in Coruscant and the Core Worlds, published by Wizards of the Coast on January 3, 2003. It further appeared in Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines written by Karen Traviss and published on August 29, 2006.



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