"Gold Squadron, begin takeoff procedure."
―An announcer inside the Great Temple on Yavin 4[src]

A Space traffic controller (STC) was an individual in charge of directing starfighters on ground bases and inside hangar bays. Expert traffic controllers were able to coordinate starfighter launches faster than automated launch systems.[2]


A traffic controller directs three X-wings landing aboard the Redemption

During the Battle of Yavin, traffic controllers directed the launch of X-wing starfighters and Y-wing starfighters from inside the Great Temple on Yavin 4.[1]

When Commander Silam Dunerz laid a trap to capture Princess Leia Organa on her way back from Morton, he landed his escape pod aboard the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Redemption with the guidance of a traffic controller.[3]

Shortly after the mission to Dominus III, a traffic controller directed the simultaneous arrival of three X-wing starfighters from Scout Group aboard the Redemption.[4]

The former smuggler Mako Spince held this profession while on Nar Shaddaa.[5]



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